Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bloom - The Paper Kites

Song: Bloom
Artist: The Paper Kites
Album: Woodland

Simple and rustic, this song creates a looming thought of a love that it isn't superfluous and blown out of proportions. The unbounded and elegant melody has a subtle effect on the heart. It streams out imagination and heartfelt relationships. The song brings warmth that tenderizes the soul. It is akin to the rise of the sun after a small drizzle.

It is languid in essence and calms and repairs the ears. It has an embalming effect that slowly wraps them up to allow the healing process to start. The voices are just endearing. The mild touches of the sounds are engaging, from the light melodies of the guitar to the silent voices that seep in like droplets of refreshing and invigorating water.

A fresh listen this song is. Lovable in many ways, this song is a dear to hear especially for lovers. It's just as sweet(and organic) as honey.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dark Mainstream Tunes

Like the very next man, I'm guilty of my mainstream picks,(none too often, though). Here's to the more simpler and darker aspect of music, blaring down the speakers, exciting minds in its most barest melancholic sweetness. 

Song: Lithium
Artists: Evanescence

Amy Lee haunts the air surrounding one, drawing all warmth and passion into her song, delivering delicious, harsh cold pleasure in the form of the first element in Group 1 of the Periodic Table. Lithium. 

Song: Titanium
Artists: Sia feat. David Guetta

Synths and Sia works very fine together. The song's all energy, heavily accented with strength, the syllables curved with groove unlike any other. Smooth, Titanium excites the blood, and when she belts, boy, can she raise the fine hairs. 

Song: Love The Way You Lie(Part II)
Artist: Rihanna

Tumultuous, disastrous relationships compressed into words, given a touch of melancholy and rap, rage spewing from all corners, Rihanna does Skylar Grey's lyrics justice, executing the tune with rugged grace. Lovely. 

Song: Chasing Pavements
Artist: Adele
'Tis an Adele tune. Rich melody, amazing vocals with a hint of throaty sexiness, there's no rhyme or reason for adoring this song, replaying it over and over. One just does it without question. 

Song: Jar of Hearts
Artist: Christina Perri

Sensually slow, melancholy etched in every strain, Perri enthrals misery in this tune, delivering a power-filled song with infinite finesse', making the Jar of Hearts, a favourite of mine on the occasional dark times. 

What Have I Done? - Joshua Hyslop feat. Anna Scouten

Song: What Have I Done?
Artists: Joshua Hyslop featuring Anna Scouten
Album: Where The Mountain Meets The Valley

Refreshingly folk, What Have I Done? drastically alters the vibrations around one to match the ones it emits, Hyslop's vocals charming the senses to an oblivion, perhaps the spot where the mountain meets the valley.

The tune brings out the understated beauty in the melodical strums of the guitar, matching a silent, strong vocal that commands one's attention to follow. A stark surprise would be Scouten's voice, amusingly different, though matching the ambience to a tee. Subtlety is a forte' of both, working them well to garner sophistication only few can muster.

For a song with lyrics so short, simple, the tune stretches for a while, settling into time and space as the head savours the lingering sound. The beats are slow, the tune a comfortable pace that requires little strain to catch, each word crystalline, cutting through senses achieving clarity that exhibits simplicity.

"You know I have surrendered my hopes, my dreams. All of these things, they are yours. Whatever they bring, they are yours."


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wandering - Radical Face

Song: Wandering
Artist: Radical Face

Album: Not Given Lightly - A Tribute To the Giant Golden Book Of New Zealand`s Alternative Music Scene

The early dawn moves in conjunction with the darkness of the night in this song. It is has an essence of tranquility yet it progresses gently as time is moving ahead. It is the Earth rotating slowly and gently as seen from space. It has a reassuring smile and comfort that eases the mind little by little; a little baby lullaby for adults.

It injects serenity into our minds. Its percussion is light and not too heavy to tear down the dreamy environment of the song. It springs out relaxation and just simple calmness. One listen can gently reinvigorate the song. The voice is just effortless and adds more to the soft and light quality of the song.

Overall, it is a peaceful and healthy song that flows gently like a stream through our hearts with a healing touch.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feels Like Sugar - Hjaltalin

Song: Feels Like Sugar
Artist: Hjaltalin
Album: Terminal

A very entertaining and heart pounding piece, this song creates a tense and steady build up that is thrilled and spiced up by virtuous melodies soaring up and down. This solid piece is loaded in a unique manner with bursts of moments that creates momentary rises and pushes.

The Icelandic voice is just magical. The lead vocals create elegant, precise and rich vibrations of the voice and reach the notes with impeccability. The rugged male voice fits in with the powerful and smooth female voice. The violin stirs the heart up and melt the ears with its lovely strings of notes. The beats are well done in tandem with everything, holding everything together and thumping along with the heart.

Profound and interesting, this song is simply magnificent with all the right touches put in the momentous parts. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Single Of The Week: Anna Sun

Song: Anna Sun
Artist: Walk The Moon
Album: Anna Sun EP

Walk the Moon reminds me of all the things I adore in indie rock. It's a different kind of energy, psychedelic, topsy-turvy and alive, beating at the outermost spaces of one's soul. It engulfs everything like a vortex, leading you down a dizzying path you'll learn to love.

"Screen falling off the door; door hanging off the hinges. My feet are still sore; my back is on the fringes."

The song starts with a touch of urgency, the speedy tempo feeling recklessly good against one's bare skin as their feet leaves the ground, hair flying around the neck, air-guitaring like the inner-professional.

Anna Sun has a quirky attitude, a groove like no other, channeling hipster passion in a childishly alluring manner. The electronic and rock mingles to produce a touch of crazy, emphasised by the rough-rockish vocals. A brush of slow and tense enters in the midst of everything, throwing one a little off balance, building everything up into a fury of music celebratory. A beautiful climax.

Amazing percussion works, electronic and psychedelic dates the other, exploring what each genre has enough to compliment and contrast oh-so-much. This song's an experience.

"My feet are still sore; my back is on the fringes."

And I'm loving every second of it.

(Anna Sun can be downloaded free from the link http://www.amazon.com/Anna-Sun/dp/B0088WIL9E/ref=sr_1_2/184-8981773-5648764?ie=UTF8&qid=1343218323&s=dmusic&sr=1-2)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lego House - Ed Sheeran

Song: Lego House
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: +

"I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego House. When things go wrong, we can knock it down."

Steady beats, strumming through the song, dancing along the mellow in Sheeran's voice, the occasional falsetto spicing the song just so it slides down the system with smooth precision.

"And out of all these things I've done, I think I love you better now."

Demonstrating his command in beatboxing, song writing, singing, rapping and God-knows-what-else, Sheeran nails each and every song with finesse' unlike anything I've yet to hear. Emotion-laden vocals, working perfectly with the springy-speedy beats, Sheeran exercises his prowess in music by making every song with his name on it, distinctively his.

"My three words have two meanings. There's one thing on my mind. It's all for you."

Lego House's suave, delightful with a touch of bereft, witty and catchy. The tune plays non-stop in my head, every circumstance seemingly perfect, from the instance one stands alone in the midst of morning commuters to the time when they stare aimlessly into the air, wishing for Innisfree in the height of the afternoon. 'Tis not my fault for not getting rid of this song from my head.

I don't want to.

Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company

Song: Misery Loves Company
Artist: Emilie Autumn
Album: Opheliac

A psychological view embedded within traces of this song, it entails a deep and unstable life of bipolar disorder. The structure of this song really reflects it really well. The verses are quick, mobile and angry while the choruses are filled with a yearning for more and a tinge of sadness, all the more spiced up by the melodramatic violin.

The instruments play a pivotal role in making this upbeat, rebellious yet depressing tune. The theme is brought to vibrant and chaotic life through the many melodies and parts in this song. It speaks of a battle and a life and of differing views. The vocals are sultry and gritty. The imagery created is brilliantly crazy. It's like an ember that scorches and engulfs, devours and incinerates.

All in all, this song is a tense and beautiful work is sculpted out of the well played strings and emotion stringing vocals.

Marry You - Bruno Mars

Song: Marry You
Artist: Bruno Mars
Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans

"It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you."

Marry You reminds me of adjectives I'd never in a million years relate to a conventional wedding. Radiating a playful vibe, the quick tempo adds a touch of rushed fun to the entire ordeal, matching the rhythm to the lyrics.

Bruno Mars exhibits his vocal prowess in this carefree tune, ranging from falsettos to a deeper croon, playing  around with them to create something ridiculously addictive. Touches of Motown, reggae and R&B amalgamates with pop, making this tune a tad more unique than his typical ones.

One'd probably be mouthing the lyrics by the third replay, lip-synching along the nutty-silly-slaphappy words that often make very little sense. Nonetheless, a song about a whim-fuelled wedding in Las Vegas, I dare say I'd be very disappointed if the song felt more sappy and solemn, even for a bit.

A song for carefree relationships with happy beginnings and nonchalant endings, Marry You frolicks with the mood, spilling dancing juice all over your feet as your eyes sparkle with mischief, painted on your lips.

You'd get hooked. 

"Who cares, baby. I think I wanna Marry You."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

If I Die Young - The Band Perry

Song: If I Die Young
Artists: The Band Perry
Album: The Band Perry

"A penny for my thoughts, oh no. I'll sell 'em for a dollar."

Kimberly Perry sure did sell her thoughts for a million dollars(or more) with this song. Rustic-esque string instruments from the mandolin, fiddle, acousitc guitar and banjo concocts a rather lively atmosphere which compensates the dark lyrics. Queer.

Unfolding the story of a girl who's life was cut short, 'tis a brew of everything one might want for a last wish. From a burial fir for Elaine of Astolat to a reminder for saving one's tears for a more purposeful use, Perry covers it all, and perhaps more. Her quirky muses on life, adds a touch of humour, while her regrets, are heart wrenching leaving one torn between a couple of conflicting emotions.

The Band Perry harmonises really well, accentuating Kimberly Perry's higher notes with a little more substance. Adoring her vocals a whole lot, I've to say that the pseudo-lightness adds definition along with the country twang, making If I Die Young a must hear, whether or not you happen to be into country.

"Funny, when you're dead, how people start listening."

Stray Shadows - Blanket Barricade

Song: Stray Shadows
Artist: Blanket Barricade
Album: Parade Bells

A tick tocky wheel of darkness it brings, this song creates a deep and sorrow chasm in the root of the heart. Elements of sadness and a touch of rock mixed in, it creates a catalystic flow of notes that sprawls all over with immediate agony. It is a dark and ambivalent tune that combines both hope and despair.

The voice, though similar to the lead singer's of Simple Plan, is less raspy. The piano plays the mood out like a swift, sombre wind carrying dried leaves high above the ground. The melody grips the heart with ease. The song has an elegant yet contemporary theme especially when the piano blends in with the electronic sounds.

This song churtles the emotions with its mix of intricity of the piano and the modern sounds, creating an unorthodox but unique piece.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quotables : Keaton Henson

Artist : Keaton Henson
Album: Dear...
Song: Sarah Minor

"I know that it's hard for you to tell me the truth. But while we're doing so... Sarah, I love you."

"And God, you love to argue. And you can't play the guitar.But still let me tell you that I love who you are."

"In spite of real distance, we'll always be close."

"Young love, young love, I hope you are well. At least we now both have a story to tell."

Song: Flesh and Bone

"I am more than this frame. I feel hurt and I feel shame. I just wish you would feel the same."

"Something my soul needs is you lying next to me."

"This is love. This is hell. This sweet plague that follows me."

"And I am rude and unkind. Have no thought, have no time. Have no eyes, so no point of view."

Some Things Last A Long Time - Daniel Johnston

Song: Some Things Last A Long Time
Artist: Daniel Johnston
Album: 1990

A heavy, silent and spiritually attuned piece that slowly wafts through the air loftily, bringing in a sad yet calm mood to the picture. It steadily treads among people, not only touching hearts but reaching and encapsulating them. It exudes tranquility and solemnity in its ominous but laid back pace.

The singer expresses his feelings through his voice with a sense of letting go, a release that can only be achieved through solving the problems or just moving the burden away. The song is about a deep rooted memory that has already nestled in place. A picture is the symbolism of the remnants of someone, possibly a lover. The song echoes out beautifully in a raw manner.

This song makes peace with the heart at one time, yet crushes it at another. It's soothing yet temperemental. A mix of feelings it creates.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Corinne - Metronomy

Song: Corinne
Artist: Metronomy
Album: The English Riviera

An eccentric, melancholic tune that just shapes up to be an electronic mash of intricate sounds. Claps, beats and all other weird and wonderful things are embedded into the song, creating a foot tapping syndrome for anyone who hears this. The music here is in a way so whimsically and thoughtfully created that one can indulge in its blissful bitter sweetness and immerse his or her mind into this psychadelic realm.

This song feels like a techno ensemble that seeks to burst with virtuosity and flavour. Ironically, the monotonous tone of the vocals adds very well to the theme and voice of the song. It channels perfectly the eccentric and dark mood of the song. This song creates an imagery so vivid that somehow you can relate easily to it, however twisted this song is.

The song oozes creativity and the alternative genre. The huge ream of distinct sounds contained within this song is just fantastic. A gratifying experience this song creates.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Flesh and Bone - Keaton Henson

Song : Flesh and Bone
Artist: Keaton Henson
Album: Dear...

Flesh and Bone.

'Tis a pair that signifies the core of every being. The essential of all, and yet the epitome of human weakness. Strong and weak, mated within the auditory world, with but a flicker of energy.

Henson's different.

The melancholic strains echo from a seemingly faraway distance, creeping intimately within as it gently plays. A rare strength's emitted between the lines of otherwise, frail, dulled spirits yearning for something long gone, very much like the lonely wolf wishing for the moon. Light strums trail along his voice, rough with a touch of both masculine and feminine notes as he leaves ends hanging and ties them together haphazard and endearing , with the other.

"I am more than these bones. I feel love. I feel alone."

If one ever wished to sink within the murky depths of wonderment and sad, I'd have this tune chanting softly to match the atmosphere. Perfect for days when the skies are gray, when the heart seems to have grown a cerebrum, sending nonsensical musings all over as you dwell on the past, present, future and everything that has made the littlest sense. Hushed fear sent out, Flesh and Bone leaves you feeling human.

"This is love. This is hell. This sweet plague that follows me."

'This' sounds fantastic.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home - Gabrielle Aplin

Song: Home
Artist: Gabrielle Aplin
Album: Home

"As long as we're together, does it matter where we go?"

With a voice that enthralls the deepest chambers within one's senses, clear notes striking beautiful chords along your spine as the music takes over.

Home is that kind of magic. An unexpected, beautiful one.

Bewitched by her voice, I'm subdued by the melody, a rather dramatic one for a folksy tune, a little misaligned for her voice, making it a mismatched joy stacked high with character. Notes of the piano adds to sophistication as the guitar adds a touch of rustic, striking delicate equilibrium. Introducing percussion works in the end, emphasising the steady beat behind the whimsical music... 'tis genius.

Prose-like lyrics, reminding one of old Scottish love ballads, the words are spun with touches of brilliant and naive'. Stringing the unlikely together, defining them with the fanciful circumstances only one drowning in love could relate to, this is the song for the hopeless romantic and a guilty pleasure for those who claim otherwise.

"'Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone. Is where you go when you’re alone. Is where you go to rest your bones."

Makes one yearn for home, no?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Single Of The Week : Small Bump

Song: Small Bump
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: +

"You're just a small bump unborn, in four months you're brought to life."

Another one of Sheeran's  beautiful song, reminiscing 'The A-Team', though a tad more distinct, with a very conversational-lullaby air to it. Endearing, his smooth-rustic voice opens new perspectives and emotions stirring inside.

Light instrumentals, faint notes of the piano, strums of the guitar with light taps here and there, an acoustic folk vibe hanging in the air as he croons through, playing with a light falsetto, interchanging to deeper countertenor effortlessly as the song moves on.

Small Bump has a deceptively languid vibe masking sentiments throughout, Sheeran being talented with his breezy choice of words, sends Melancholy and Despair waltzing around in one's head. Mellifluous yet soft, the lyrics speak of the demise of a child born before his time, one with his mother's eyes, fingers that should wrap around the father's thumb.

Rarely do we hear of men lamenting the loss of a child, for we presume 'tis always the mother, whom carries through the emotional and physical pain. But it isn't hers exclusively, Sheeran sings to us as he shares the loss, the agony and the misery through music.

"You are my one, and only."

(Small Bump can be downloaded free from the link http://www.amazon.com/Small-Bump/dp/B0081FO5ES/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1342011602&s=dmusic&sr=1-3)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Disney Love Songs

There's just something very nostalgic about Disney theme songs, albeit the fleeting seconds they're played for. Being a steadfast character in every possible Disney production, the songs're a tradition brought forward 'till today. Here're some classic Disney love songs.

Song: A Whole New World
Artists: Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle
Featured In: Aladdin

Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle embody the magic carpet ride, carrying one away with their glorious harmony, through the highs and lows and into the magical realm where deserts, magic and gold glitters throughout. Dreamy and wondrous, 'tis a Disney classic that's stuck in my head throughout. 

Song: Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Artist: Elton John
Featured In: The Lion King

The Lion King has many amazing African folk-inspired songs which head my preference, but this one's by far the most romantic. Elton John's deep vocals echoes through as Simba and Nala's new-found love blooms in the African jungles, rekindling passion as the rhythm sets its pace. Lovely. 

Song: Reflection
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Featured In: Mulan

Reflection isn't quite a love song, but it has that very slow, languid air around it that makes it a perfect semi-love song. And I like Mulan best among all Disney productions, hence this had to come in somewhere. A song that reveals the vulnerable side of her, Aguilera shows impressive skills in the song, Reflection being one of her earlier, better works. 

Song: I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Artist: Susan Egan
Featured In: Hercules

A soulful, jazzy number this song croons love in every note as Megara(tries) to deny it. Being cheated by Hades and wooed by Hercules, torn between the two and yet woodenly self assured and independent, the song reveals a lot of her character. An excellent track, accentuated by background vocals of the 'Muses' this is a must hear, is you've yet to.

 Song: Beauty And The Beast
Artists: Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion
Featured In: Beauty And The Beast

The Academy Award winning masterpiece, Beauty and the Beast is the most romantic of them all, serenading the Beast and the Beauty as they float by golden dancefloors, velvet and roses. Bryson's deep voice along with Dion's crystal one marries beautifully in this tune, sending shivers down the spine as you indulge.

Other famous Disney songs:

Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid

I See The Light - Tangled

God Help The Outcasts - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Out There - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Some Day My Prince Will Come - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Never Knew I Needed - The Princess and the Frog

Love Is A Song - Bambi

I'm Still Here - Treasure Planet.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zombie - The Cranberries

Song: Zombie
Artist: The Cranberries
Album: No Need To Argue

This is the song you'd want blaring on the speakers on a Zombie Apocalypse, while you're marching with your machine guns and butane bombs, ready to kick some serious living-dead derriere'.

Even if you're not into kicking posteriors, this song's pretty awesome, in a very dark yet alive sort of mood. Somewhere between alternative metal and alternative rock, The Cranberries shift out of their comfort zones for this energetic tune, while lamenting the two boys that died during an IRA bombing. O'Riordan's husky, grunge vocals accompanies the rock grunge perfectly, matching the energy by the Joule.

These people protest with attitude.

"Child is slowly taken and the violence caused such silence. Who are we mistaken?" Jarring lyrics accompany Zombie, harsh truths being forced out with style that just sends the right vibe across to people.

Lyrics that can be related to most situation of nonsensical, unnecessary deaths that's never quite limited to Ireland in the nineties. This is a song that I wouldn't like to relate to, perhaps that would be a happy day, when 'tis finally over.

Though I'm always prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with this tune. Always.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunrise - Norah Jones

Song: Sunrise
Artist: Norah Jones
Album: Feels Like Home

"Sunrise, sunrise, looks like morning in your eyes."

Am I the only one who gets those beautiful chills, listening to her voice slide through my spine?

Norah Jones' has the most amazing, throatylicious voice on the planet. Her whisper of a song, somewhere between a lullaby and a Grammy winning tune has been a mainstay in my playlist since I first heard it... 7 years ago. Lightly accentuated with the piano and some jazzy intruments, it spices up the tune a notch, just enough to get that quirky balance.

Sunrise transports me to another world, while standing in the middle of a half empty train at 6 in the morning or walking down concrete staircases on a lethargic afternoon. 'Tis that song that implants a spring on your step, gives you a tune to discreetly jive on and transports one to Innisfree.

A mesmerising tune that waltzes you out of dreary grays, spinning you around to see gay colours and rays of joy as time sloughs on.

"Surprise, surprise."


Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Franz Liszt

Song: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Composer: Franz Liszt
Performer: Roberto Szidon
Album: Liszt: The 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies

One of the most technically challenging piano solo repertoires out there, the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 achieves impressive recognition both for it's outlandish merry scale and tempo while retaining a certain smooth-seductive quality.

The most popular out of the 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies composed, No. 2 exudes drama, a child-like joy in its notes that plays along the senses, alluding the head with mesmerising vibrations. Robert Szidon's version of the tune's one of the more classically neutral one, and many have added personal touches to the song, to the extent of completely making in unrecognisable, though Liszt composition stands true in achieving the same effect it had, over and over, despite whoever the pianist might be.

The finale's one of the best I've yet to hear, playing with the overall air emitted by the song to a point when it finally reaches its climax, a wickedly beautiful one, delivering all justice to the composition. A marvel of the past, present and future, the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 will remain a gem among all compositions, proving its salt, battling ages and music preferences, aiming to impress and invigorate.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Acquired Tastes

Not everything comes naturally to one. Music's one of those things, I s'pose. It takes time to understand, enjoy, adore, revere and despise. These are the few genres one ought to give a decent shot to, before tossing it off the windows.

1. Folk

Folk's my latest auditory addiction. 'Tis more like one reading poetry with a tune, rhythm and beat. Organic, rustic with infinite depth and meanings, these songs latches itself unto the kindred spirit, feeding itself off, syllable by luscious syllable until 'tis embodied. A different music experience altogether.

Do check out the folk songs we've lost our hearts to.


2. Instrumentals

Lyrics do get overrated at times when the music speaks for itself. Often people link classical music to instrumental, but it needn't necessarily be such. Instead, it could be anything ranging from Pagan Metal to Orchestra-Rock fusion that allows music to share its truest form and language with the world.

Give our pretty unique pick of instrumentals a shot, if you've yet to.


3. Alternative Rock

'Tis somewhere between rock and indie, this genre. Being a medley of my two favourite genres, I'm guilty of enjoying one too many tunes of this category. Be it, with a touch of psychedelic or pop, alternative rock houses a huge range, from which there's something for everyone.

Peek into our recommendations?


4. Indie Pop

If mainstream pop's just too much for your liking, Indie Pop's the way to go. Quirky, fun, energetic, rustic, melancholic, heartbreaking... indie pop's the best picks out of the charts, a paradox being both 'Independent' and 'Popular'. 'Tis more relatable, less harsh on the ears, interesting and definitely worth more than a listen. Mind, they are intoxicating.

Care for a heady list of tunes?


5. Jazz

Soulful, sassy with a spark, jazz's an underrated genre which deserves more attention. Lovely mezzo-sopranos and altos, strings and brass, this genre holds itself above the rest with its charming touch and mellow tunes, enticing the lids to close and while the mind flies along the vibrations echoing within the mind's chambers. A must hear.

If you've wanted to revamp your playlist with classy-sassy, this list's for you.



Monday, July 2, 2012

Quotables : Leonard Cohen

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Album: Old Ideas
Song: Crazy to Love You

"You were never the one, whom I chased through the souvenir heartache, her braid and her blouse undone."

"I had to go crazy to love you, had to let everything fall. Had to be the people I hated, had to be no one at all."

"I'm tired of choosing desire, I've been saved by a blessed fatigue."

"I'm old and the mirrors don't lie."

Song: Different Sides

"We find ourselves on different sides of a line nobody drew."

"I don't like your tone. You want to change the way I make love but I want to leave it alone."

"The waters are blessed while a shadowy guest kindles a light for the lost."

"By virtue of suffering I claim to have won. You claim to have never been heard."

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