Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Immortal - Evanescence

Song: My Immortal
Artist: Evanescence
Album: Fallen

"These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase."

I could drown in Amy Lee's vocals and die happy. 'Tis just one of those gorgeous vocals that's out of the world, aesthetically enthralling, plain beautiful.

My Immortal has been a constant in my playlist since forever. I absolutely adore the way it starts off with nothing but Lee's vocals and Moody's piano arrangement. Slowly, gradually, Lee's voice rises, delivering emotions that feels so real and raw, her voice kept under control with the slightest hint of breaking free and losing it. Gorgeous arrangement and when you're hit with a block of solid, decent rock near the end, Lee's voice smoothly passing from a piano rock to a more classic one, 'tis perfection achieved there.

Dark, haunting lyrics're part of the charm in this tune. 'Tis brilliantly open, with a wide scope to it while keeping intricate details strung around. A tune about losing someone, letting go, being there... an entire story's strewn delicately, left for the listener to pick the pieces they relate to.

I don't think one could get tired of this song. I never did.

Featherstone - The Paper Kites

Song: Featherstone
Artist: The Paper Kites
Album: Woodland

A rustic, folk-like voice travels all out. Gentle strings of the guitar vibrate in a uniform manner, creating a mild texture of the countryside with all its thick, lush and exuberant foliage. A calming yet pressing song that seeks to only tone down and release and to forgive and forget. Its subtlety creates magnificent undertones and emotions underlying.

The vocals perpetuate a brilliant, gentle but purposeful emotion that forms a strong base for the song. The steady guitar strums form a dilated moment as if time was slowing down and one could just see the most minute of details drifting slowly by. It's a song of reassurance and remembrance and has a quality of serenity that floats and flutters by sporadically.

A warm, comfortable song. The song draws out a pool of emotions from one's subconscious effectively.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Video : In Your Arms

Song: In Your Arms
Artist: Kina Grannis
Album: Stairwells

22 months
1,357  hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
1 Kina Grannis jelly bean-plaster mold
1 Kina Grannis
288,000 jelly beans.

That's the ingredients for this amazing one stop animation music video made out of 2,460 individual shots that utilizes jelly bean art in some possible way. How cool is that?

In Your Arms is a lovely indie-pop song that's about being together with someone, from the place they first started off 'till a possible forever and after. Conventionally, anyone would expect Grannis and some possible guy in a cool video shot in the park or perhaps Grannis singing with her guitar in some woodsy-picturesque landscape.

But intricate jelly bean art in a one stop animation video? That's just... wow.

These intricately done shots of jelly bean art landscapes are just incredible, and they're interesting, among them a(jelly bean) caterpillar entering Grannis' ears, fluttering out a butterfly from her mouth, Grannis exploding from a case of jelly beans that was previously molded on her... none of these seemed like shots that somehow made life, jelly beans or one stop animation sound any more easier.

Hats off to Greg Jardin, the director and visionary-of-a-man behind this video... and his production team for not murdering him.

New Soul - Yael Naim

Song: New Soul
Artist: Yael Naim
Album: Yael Naim

Delicate, sweet vocals with a steel back, Yael Naim brings ethereal music for a psychedelic tea party with folk. Fun stuff!

The song starts off with the piano, a whimsical tune that brings fun to the tune as the instruments add on, giving a very cheerful vibe throughout, that convinces the mind that there's something magical and colourful hidden in between the tune.

Naim has gorgeous vocals that she works well to fit the song and along with her accent, which I presume is French, she's not one who can be mistaken for another or any other vocalist. The lyrics croon the story of a 'new soul' getting used to the world, making lots of mistakes along the way, feeling fear and joy while living happily since she's discovered that life's pretty much all about the mess-ups which isn't all that bad. 

In fact, 'tis good. 

"This is a happy end 'cause you don't understand everything you've done, why's everything so wrong."

Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann is a really amusing song that's always managed to get me smile, without fail. Here're a couple of covers and parodies of the song that could get you to do the same, hopefully.

Barbara Ann - The Regents

This song's the original and there's some awesome jazz-play to it, it's the ultimate quartet-rhythm-blues tune and the saxophone in the midst of it all is just beautiful, giving this doo-wop tune a distinctive character.

Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys

Everyone who knows the song thinks 'tis The Beach Boys who truly owned the song, giving it a very laid back, rock-and-roll feel, bringing the song higher up the charts. Animated and awesome, they're responsible for getting me hooked.

Barbara Ann - The Who

A crisper, quicker rendition of Barbara Ann, it exudes a lil' psychedelic rock, the harmony in the vocals perfectly executed, a medley of different pitches giving it more substance than the former covers. Quirky instrumentals as well.

Barbara Ann - Musical Island Boys

These guys are the ultimate barbershop quartet, their vocals deeper and smoother giving Barbara Ann the most beautiful vocal-play, unlike any other. It feels more A'Capella than the rest, but somehow everything just works.

Banana and Potato Song - The Minions

I can't quite point out what exactly got me liking this one. Unintelligible, apart from the words 'Banana' and 'Potato', performed by a quartet of 4 midgety, yellow minions in overalls with one interrupting with that party-blowing-thing... 'tis just quirky(in the nicest way).


Monday, May 28, 2012

What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club

Song: What You Know 
Artist: Two Door Cinema Club 
Album: Tourist History 

A song that is fluorescent with a nascent ability to bedazzle and awe with a plethora of sounds. The quirky and addictive rhythm and beat can hook listeners easy like beating the first level of Pacman. The song is like a car cruising by a metropolitan city with all its lights flashing at night.

The good mix of music and beats create a colourful stream of melodies. It sucks listeners into the world of techno-alternative complexities. It is audacious and fast. The song flutters and speeds up, accelerating and pulsating throughout with a vibrant theme. The song is tantalizing and beautiful. One listen isn't enough for the ears.

Overall, a speedy song that thrills and excites the ears. The intricate details put in create a splendid effect that pervades the song.

When You Say Nothing At All - Kevin Whitley

Song: When You Say Nothing At All
Artist: Keith Whitley
Album: Keith Whitley Greatest Hits

A slow, country song with tactfully lovely lyrics that could end up helpful, if you ever need to end a conversation going awry.
"Now you say it best, when you say nothing at all." Genius!

Brilliant-cheesy lyrics aside, Whitley's rendition's my favourite among the rest, simply because this guy has enough style and overall macho-factor to carry the song perfectly. Nothing in this song is exaggerated or feels overwhelming, hence it retains a certain bit of sincerity that somewhat diminishes in the other covers I've listened to.

When You Say Nothing At All doesn't feel anything like a 90's boyband pop song(Keating's cover), though it retains that overall catchy-music feel, which makes it all the more better. Whitley's vocals had depth and emotion laced with them, and they're exhibited to perfection in this song.

A simple classic worth listening to and probably worth remembering as well.

Best Days Of Our Lives - Right The Stars

Song:  Best Days Of Our Lives
Artist: Right The Stars
Album: Hello Yes Ok

An undeniably optimistic tune that leaves you remembering and enjoying the best moments of your life. It's light hearted and elating and pain relieving. You can just dance in the bedroom to this song like nobody's business. It's thoroughly enjoyable and easy to listen to. It's upbeats create a great thumping effect that can easily reverberate through a person's mind.

The tune can be recognised as a space pop tune to be listened in outer space by astronauts. The minute details such as the melodies create a cool effect that is good food for the ears. A simple song for rememberance to realize how awesome planet Earth is. It's happy-go-lucky theme creates a one-sided spectrum of pure joy and entertainment.

All in all, a simple, happy tune one should listen to when feeling down or just want to brighten his day ahead.

Happy - Mishka

Song: Happy 
Artist: Mishka
Album: Mishka

This song carries you off gently with its relaxed and gentle sways. It's like the moment when your boss lets you off the hook or, even better, present you with an award; an all expense trip paid to an island. You'll forget all problems with its laid back and somnolent demeanour. Its plain simplicity in its meaning says it all.

The guy's likened to Bob Marley, reggae extravagant. His voice has that sort of quality that just assuages the tenseness in your mind. It embellishes your mood with all sorts of sanguine cheerfulness. It has a gentle message of a 'me' time and loving yourself in a wholesome manner. The lyrics, though, tell a different story, which are directed towards a girl, both loving and criticizing her casually.

The motion of this song brings out a brilliant quality of enjoying lying down on a beach under the sun, with the baking sand tickling your toes.

A song with happy intonations but also critical meanings behind it. It holds a carefree personality of its own.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Superman's the epitome of superheroes and pretty much everyone's used him in their lyrics or sung about him. Here's my list of some pretty good Superman songs.

(In case you didn't know, Superman's the guy who flies, has super-strength, shoots lasers from his eyes, sports a cleft chin and pulls off red and blue, leotards and capes with a curl of hair falling over his forehead... all while looking like a million dollars.)

1. Waiting For A Superman
Artist: Iron & Wine
Album: Around The Well

This is a folksy-indie song, originally by the Flaming Lips, but Iron & Wine just gets the entire mood right with their tune. Endearing lyrics, 'tis unanswered questions to Superman and a hint of hope for those waiting.

"He hasn't dropped them, forgot them or anything. It's just too heavy for Superman to lift."

2. Superman (It's Not Easy)
Artist: Five For Fighting
Album: America Town

I adore this song, a soft-rock-ish tune that echoes the melancholy in Superman's head. Awesome vocals, grungey-acoustic instrumentals, 'tis the perfect song for wallowing in self-pity, even if you're not Superman.

"I'm more than some pretty face beside a train. It's not easy to be me. Wish that I could cry, fall upon my knees."

3. Superman
Artist: Joe Brooks
Album: Constellation Me

A funny courting-esque song about a guy singing to a girl he likes, wishing he's got a lil' Superman in him. Fun rhythm, easygoing tune this is and Joe Brooks can croon some pretty interesting notes.

"But I can only write this song, and tell you that I'm not that strong. 'Cos I'm no Superman, I hope you like me as I am."

4. Superman

Artist: Ronan Keating
Album: Bring You Home

Cheesy number, this one is, country-pop-ballad with some mellow crooning that might just allow you to excuse Keating for not being Superman. A hint of strings near the chorus, this is a good one for the playlist.

"Well I'm no Superman, But I'll love you the best I can. And you know I'm just flesh and bones, but with you I feel like flying."

5. Superman

Artist: Barbra Streisand
Album: Superman Streisand

God, her vocals are to die for in this song. One could melt into Streisand's fantabulous vocals with this tune, a classic number a lil' cheesy, light instrumentals, a steady rhythm with everything good in between.

"But I am not a bird and I am not a plane, I'm Superman, when you love me it's easy. I can do most anything."

6. The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Heart
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Album: Illinoise

Jazzy-bluesy, ethereal back-up vocals, quirky instrumentals and some pretty good vocals in this tune, a song about men of steel, 'tis different, a refreshing change with oddity lyrics that requires one to listen a couple of times to get it. Good stuff.

"Man of steel, man of heart, Tame our ways if we start to devise something more, something halfways."

Artist: Bush
Album: Golden State

Here's a man who thinks that Superman just doesn't have what it takes to handle today's world. Alternative rock, with some wicked electric-guitar, garage rock instrumentals and some edgy vocals, this one adds variety to the list.

"Oh Superman,where have you gone? With a little more time and a six leaf clover. Just a little more head to make you bolder."

8. Superman
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Speak Now

If Lois Lane was volatile, blonde and an acclaimed country singer, I s'pose you could expect this in her diary. Extremely pop, hints of country here and there, simplistic, straightforward lyrics there's no overthinking here.

"I watched Superman fly away, you've got a busy day today. Go save the world, I'll be around."

9. Superman You're Crying
Artist: SJD (Sean James Donelly)
Album: Southern Lights

Eerie electronica that feels ethereal(the intro's strings), a soulful voice with a pop-rock vibe, Superman You're Crying isn't quite the average electronic tune. It got me, a non-electronic-listener, hooked.

"Superman you're crying, Superman you need a rest from all the constant flying, bullets bouncing off your chest. The world goes on without you."

10. No Superman
Artist: Pat Robitaille
Album: Summer of Love

Folk-vibe, with slow, steady beats and touches of rocks, an interesting arrangement, back up vocals and Robitaille's cool voice, 'tis a really nice addition, a very clean organic tune with an edge. Definitely check it out.

"I'm no Superman, only strong as I can."

Leave It - Bombay Bicycle Club

Song: Leave It
Artist: Bombay Bicycle Club
Album: A Different Kind Of Fix

It has an odd psychedelic experience and a ghostly, chilly, apparition-like voice. Oddly intuitive, this song blends in a spirit-like, England coast style with a quick paced rhythm that balances the song out evenly. The guitar strums have an intrinsic, meticulous detail that is soothing to hear. It feels like you're in a different world, with an entirely different life and personality.

The voice is quiet yet has an ominous effect on the song, giving as much a solid content as its light touches. The lyrics speak about a new perspective after pondering about thoughts and old feelings resurfacing. You'd just feel like running down the beach and embracing the salty, cold winds and being calmed by the foaming of the waves.

Its vague openness and vocals are qualities to be sought after by many artists. A great fix for many.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Travelling - Paper Lions

Song: Travelling
Artist: Paper Lions
Album: Trophies

It has melodies that skip the beats of the heart once in a while, creating a sense of rush of an importance that seems never to be fulfilled in life. Its light and jumpy rhythm creates a lively pace that if not for the slightly sentimental mood of the song, it would create a ecstatic piece likely done by Mika. The contemporary and pop feel is apparent in the song.

The voice is smooth, young but with a little gruff that makes it perfect for young adults. The song expands gradually turning out with louder sounds leading to an epic, triumphant end. Its rocky colours soon develop around the mid part of the song. The lyrics are about acceptance and a journey to find one's true self. It has a timely or a sense and feeling of remembrance.

A song worth hearing especially if one is hungry for a fast paced and expressive one. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Chain - Ingrid Michaelson

Song: The Chain
Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Album: Be Ok

Very heartwarming and soul enlightening, this song pushes hope to its highest limits. Romantic and uplifting, it brings out the love in Ingrid's voice. It simply strikes awe and a blissful mood in the heart. The song gently floats like a cloud embracing the sky and its brightness, receiving the glowing rays radiated from the Sun.

Her voice is effortlessly enchanting. It's lovely to the ears. The echoes that slowly form are an added plus and enhances the powerful theme of hope in the song. One can easily jump and soar to the skies with this song. The slow, gentle rhythm brings out a personal integrity that expands as it progresses then shrinks again at the end. The build up and climax reaches the universal crowd while the ending brings the song back to a personal scope again.

Deeply moving, it's smooth flow is magical and the melody is heavenly. Definitely one of the highlights of the album.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Precious Things - Tori Amos

Song: Precious Things
Artist: Tori Amos
Album: Little Earthquakes

This song has a passionate and wild feeling of rage. Its unbridled, raw emotions accumulate in a fiery whirlpool that sucks listeners in. The sexy, burning Tori Amos creates a melody that seeps in and penetrates your soul. It grips you indefinitely, luring you in for more. It creates a tension and adrenaline that keeps listeners on their toes

The sultry, harmonious voice of Tori digs out a dark turmoil from the bottom of her heart. The melodies brood diabolic and deep thoughts and string the hearts and nerves of the body. The percussion drives the song forward with a growing and escalating intensity. The lust in this song is thoroughly generated and well formed.

Overall, the sheer might of this song creates a momentous fury that grows and engulfs the surroundings.

G'bye Robin Gibb

My heartfelt dedication to Robin Gibb(from the famed and acclaimed band, the Bee Gees)

The Bee Gees was a huge thing in my place when I was a kid, in the late 90's. I s'pose one couldn't expect better for they were 'mainstream' back when my parents were teenagers along with ABBA, The Osmonds, Boney M, The Beach Boys and all that. Somehow 'twas all that was played at home and it became something I learned to adore, good music.

Among the rest, the Bee Gees stood out, simply because they had the most amazing falsetto-vibrato harmony and the catchiest tunes that trapped a 4-year olds attention back then. My favourite among the three was Robin Gibb, for he had the most amazing voice, edgy, high, deep and everything in between that worked for any genre from the disco-pop to the soft rock. His hits were ridiculously addictive then, beating off whatever boybands that may have existed then. He was the real deal.

G'bye Mr. Gibb. I'll miss you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Without You - Eddie Vedder

Song: Without You
Artist: Eddie Vedder
Album: Ukulele Songs

Such a peaceful integrity and serenity this song has. It has a flashback feeling that causes you to recollect all the great moments in your life. A timely effect is created with the emotive moment of the track. It feels as if you'll be hugging your closed ones, no matter how far apart they are. This song has an unbridled, raw hope that seeks to uplift people more.

The voice has such a placid calmness that with the amazing and powerful emotions put in it can immediately move the audience with a soulful quality. The ukulele creates a perfect harmony with the voice as they form a quiet yet strong wave of pure, flawless love. The lyrics craft a shimmering bond with a potential to grow even further as the relationship progresses. 

It has one of the timeless moments that songs rarely have. The closeness created by only using the voice and ukulele is priceless. This song is truly a beauty to behold.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clementine - Sarah Jaffe

Song: Clementine
Artist: Sarah Jaffe
Album: Suburban Nature

"50 states, 50 lines, 50 crying all the time's. 50 boys, 50 lies, 50 I'm gonna change my mind's." A quiet but rumbling piece, she sings with an effortlessness that carries the song to the wind of the city out to the beach. Personal and in tune with living free and at ease, this song focuses on contemplating on issues with relationships.

The voice is gritty and folk-like; she adds a dash of sorrowful, regretful, lamented emotions on the lyrics. She paints a background colour on the song, willing out a wonderful but sad sensation. It's as if one is listening this song sitting on a plain, near the coasts or docks during a cloudy and dark weather with the wind blowing. The lyrics flutter by briskly as the guitar strums along with the string accompaniments, creating a rustic scenery as seen by a car driving down the road.

A simple song about the past and dealing with the thoughts on the head. It has a light, sombre nature that keeps a nice balance of sounds in the contents without drowning listeners in extremities. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

When A Heart Breaks - Ben Rector

Song: When A Heart Breaks
Artist: Ben Rector
Album: Into The Morning

Guess I'm not the type to agree on heartbreaks(the heart's a muscle, it tears), but just this once... I will. Strong, yet faint with a country vibe to it, this song caught my attention I had to write about it. 'Tis a soulful, sincere tune, regarding instances when a heart breaks.

When A Heart Breaks starts off with the piano, rustic and organic, introduces the guitar in along with that edgy soft-rock vocals. Sometimes that's all you need for a great song, strong vocals and a decent tune. 'Tis just the right amount of country, acoustic and rock for my liking, it works. I could declare celebration to that kind of auditory perfection.

I like the lyrics, heartfelt and simple, they speak of moments when you just wish you could turn back time and hope things were back like they should be in a fairy-tale that life doesn't seem to be. The lyrics complement the rhythm and vocals well, nicely emphasised, rhyming well. 'Tis not wise, deep stuff, 'tis just... a hearbreak with a melody.

"I don't have answers, neither do you. I know the pain of a heartbreak."

The Feeling - Ben Rector

Song: The Feeling
Artist: Ben Rector
Album: Songs That Duke Wrote

"Everyone knows the feeling, the feeling, the feeling yeah."

Upbeat, whimsical with some pretty jazzy-rock instrumentals with a touch of indie-hippie, and that Southern drawl, 'tis definitely a song that brings back the feeling, yeah, that feeling.

The Feeling starts off in a fanciful stride, all flouncy and cheerful and then it settles into a more stable rhythm, the vocals shining through, strong and heavy-ish with loads of edgy rock-esque feel to it. Smoothly adopting a little something out of a jazz tune, 'tis a song with variety, The Feeling is.

'Tis a memoriffic song, bringing back all those instances when you first felt a certain thing, words strung together, stringing the tale someone(or perhaps anyone from a CEO to the waitress) of falling in and out of love. Apparently...

"Different face, a different name, all your feelings are the same."

Living - Transistor

Song: Living
Artist: Transistor
Album: Things You Miss When You Blink

Oddly intriguing, this song has a unique pop rock essence with the distinct younger Bjork-like voice that goes up and down smoothly. It creates a theme of some impending threat or warning and embracing it all. It has a modern spiritual feeling that is voiced by the singer herself. It plays with the conscience with its open-ended, debatable lyrics.

The song has a trance-like gaiety in it, forming a fantastic blend. The opening is like a thematic introduction to a fable or fantasy. As the beats kick in, the song has more tension and force in it, bringing out a current and modern vibe to it. The voice is smooth and silky but has strength at the same time. The male statements give an ambiguity that enforces the mystery and interpretation of the song.

Fantastically done, it captures a vague notion of morality and wonders of life at the same time. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Drive - Bobby McFerrin

Song: Drive
Artist: Bobby McFerrin
Album: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Like a waft of fresh air, this song brings in an enthusiastic joy with its reggae style. Virtuous and creative, it is a collaboration of multiple voices and sounds that make it an astounding piece to listen to. You'll be constantly on your feet listening with its unique and addictive flair. It has a relaxing and carefree manner that excels in sending in thrills in the brain.

The rhythm is timely and sound; it hits the right moments with the vocals, creating a good resonating pattern that keeps you attached. The voice is chilled and bountiful with melody with all the sounds it's used to make. The thrill of driving a car has never been more exhilarating when interpreted through this song. Such a casual way that makes it easy to listen and absorb.

Interesting and wonderfully melodic, this song successfully merges different layers of voices into a cool and eargasmic composition and body.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

La Valse d'Amélie (Orchestra Version) - Yann Tiersen

Song: La Valse d'Amélie (Orchestra Version)
Artist: Yann Tiersen
Album: Amélie (Soundtrack)

" Amélie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It's a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city. A surge of love, an urge to help mankind overcomes her.  "

I always imagine Amélie having this tune playing somewhere in the back of her head as she walks down the Parisian streets, the first thing in the morning, slowly waking up along with the tune b'fore she sets off to meet her day.

Tiersen's tune starts off with what feels like mischief, touches of xylophone ringing around like clear bells from distinct magical lands, before he brings in the strings changing the entire mood dramatically without ruining the previous effect. And then, the rhythm kicks up a notch, a certain urgency creeping in as quickly as it fades away. The end.

La Valse d'Amélie has an equally gorgeous piano version, which exudes a more stable, perhaps slightly melancholic air leaning towards conventional while this brings one to the more 'adventurous' side of music, exploring and experimenting with sounds and how they work together.

Comes And Goes - Greg Laswell

Song: Comes And Goes
Artist: Greg Laswell
Album: How The Day Sounds

A calm, gloomy yet hopeful song about having faith and strength. This song has a quality of placidity that can tone down the strongest of emotions. It has an effect of serenity that eases your way out of stress. It can easily connect the hearts of people together too. It is live a salvation or a quiet resolution from a harrowing journey.

The deep voice of Greg drives a strong soulful attention forward. His composed voice creates a genuine message to listeners. The melodies is the opposite spectrum of strenuousness, they weave in a collective sensation of a calming unity of the world. The message is clear; dedicated to all the ones who have gone through a terrible ordeal and feel like giving up on the world itself.

Altogether, it has a holistic view of hope and standing tall and strong. It can fill the emptiness in one's heart. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quotables : Ed Sheeran

Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: +
Song: The A-Team

"White lips, pale face. Breathing in snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste."

"Stuck in her daydream, been this way since 18, but lately her face seems, slowly sinking wasting... crumbling like pastries."

"Loose change, bank notes. Weary-eyed, dry throat. Call girl, no phone."

"It's too cold outside for angels to fly, an angel will die. Covered in white, closed eye. Hope for a better life."

Song: Drunk

"What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all."

"Flames just create us, burns don't heal like before. You don't hold me anymore."

"On cold days Coldplay's out like the band's name. I know I can't heal things with a handshake."

"I wanna be Drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed."

Little Fly - Esperanza Spalding.

Song: Little Fly
Artist: Esperanza Spalding
Album: Chamber Music Society

Lyrics are poetry, at least the good ones are. But what if one took poetry, by the roots and nurtured it with rhythm, beats and vocals?

"Am I not a fly like thee, or art not thou a man like me..." reminds me of all the poetry I've learned to adore deeply, Esperanza Spalding's lyrics giving the air of clever, deep lullaby, hints of darkness and very human thoughts about life. Discussing life with a common household pest, this song's about.

Little Fly's serenaded by a bass(played by her) and a string trio, light strains that do nothing to compete with her gorgeous voice. Everything about that song screams auditory bliss, smooth, deep vocals with energy reverberating from each syllable she croons, laced heavily with passion.

She has an excellent ear for the music she delivers, manipulating the rhythms and sounds so cleverly to achieve the air she wants, letting your mind wander little, if none at all from what she's to deliver. A lullaby you'd wish you could etch into your memory, the emptiness after her gentle departure awakens senses you never knew existed... and a deep want to envelope yourself in her music again.

Spalding's vocals are a rare treat to the ears, making the knees want to turn jelly, melt into a pool of bliss as the first note runs straight down your spine. 'Tis rare gem of a voice, unique, giving jazz a life and soul 'tis never possessed. 

Definite must hear.

Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

Song: Seven Devils
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Album: Ceremonials

Hauntingly terrifying and diabolical, this song permeates an overpowering sense of renewed and harkened awe that intensifies with its cut of transcendence of power and sins. The song musters up a grand scale of authenticity that is led by Florence's triumphant and spiritual and near transcendental voice.

The song evokes a clear cut mist at the start of beginning, leaving the listeners to wait its suspense before starting the song with Florence uttering the words 'Holy Water', leaving a great theatrical entrance that starts the song on its growing extravagance. This song spells out darkness and evil, Florence's style

The percussion evokes a powerful beat that vibrates through the ears with an intensity that leaves the listeners wanting for more when combined with Florence's chilling voice. The melody creates wonder and mystery, further amplifying the song to higher proportions.

Simply put, one of the highlights of the album itself. Beautiful.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Talks - Of Monsters And Men

Song: Little Talks
Artist: Of Monsters And Men
Album: My Head Is An Animal

Reminiscent of a celebration of sorts, from traditional to official. It has an adventurous feeling, as if the artists are set out on a journey to redeem something, or to warn their beloved ones of some impending problem. Whatever it is, it is addictive and celebratory, with the brass instruments churning out a grandiosity of festivals and brightness.

The song has a sort of melancholic yet reassuring theme that is prominent in the male and female vocals. The voices are encouraging and move the heart. The raw emotions can be felt so strongly with the notes. Addictive and assertive, this song channels a strength in moving forward with life and its ordeals. The loud moments pump out a coalition of energy giving melodies, while the quiet times draw the listeners close to the heart.

It has a deep felt experience that will reverberate throughout the mind. The song is definitely irresistible.

Daylight - Matt & Kim

Song: Daylight
Artist: Matt & Kim
Album: Grand

In a world where light and joy exists in such a blissful moment, where boundaries are broken and there are no limits to the happiness you can achieve, that's the world that Matt & Kim lives in. This song is so bursting with flavour and brightness that it is both empowering and ecstatic at the same time. The heightened sense of elation that comes to this song is a welcome booster and anti-depressant to your moods.

The lead singer's voice carry the song with such carefree and fun that it shines brilliantly with adrenaline. The notes are positively charming and enthusiastic. You'll just have a reassuring feeling that the day will be awesome and will end with a blast. The above average tempo contributes to the great hype and melody of this song, creating a good, exciting song that is a must-listen to all.

Overall, a good kick starter to anyone's day. 'Daylight' pours out streams of excitement with ease.

Bright Bright Bright - Dark Dark Dark

Song: Bright Bright Bright
Artist: Dark Dark Dark
Album: Bright Bright Bright

Gripping and shadowy, it has a mild sense of harrowing bouts of turmoil in the mind. It has a sunken and intricate depth in the emotions. It heralds a timely sense of spiritual awareness. Sad yet not sad. It sets on a calm mood that can beckon the recollection of memories in the mind.

The voice is light, gentle and easing. It has a small, soothing trance as she repeats the lyrics over.   The slow tempo makes an ideal structure for waiting for an end of things, an end to pain and suffering. It also gives off a bittersweet taste with its mixed feelings. The song builds up slowly into  a low climax that doesn't threaten to alter the arrangement of the song completely. As the song treads loftily till the end, a lingering satisfaction will develop.

Easy listening but dark rooted song, it has a light, smooth melody that traipses along fine with the arrangement.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

No More Lovesongs - Lacrosse

Song: No More Lovesongs
Artist: Lacrosse
Album: This New Year Will Be For You And Me

Lively and quick paced, this song can easily brighten up someone's day. A suitable summer fest piece. In a short, it shatters a blind love, where one is sick of the other's attitude. The 'no more lovesongs' signals the end of the relationship and a good way of saying bye bye and good riddance. It has an elating but sad mood.

The singers have a relaxed style that harmonizes and complements each other greatly. The rhythm of the song creates a love-able, upbeat pace. It has a quirky and unique manner in dealing with the current matter. Calming and fast at the same time, it is simply addictive with its extremely happy undertones.

Interesting and enjoyable, this song is easily entertaining to many. It doesn't leave listeners behind, instead pushing them on a quick and adventurous stride along the passages of the sounds.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Songs

Mother's Day is the most important holiday celebrating the most important people in the Multiverse. I love my mom a whole lot, she's my best friend, harshest critic, mollycoddling maternal-figure and my world, and here's my list of songs that gets me thinking of her.

1. Because You Loved Me - Céline Dion

Beautiful song, a mesmerising Dion' classic with pretty simple, heartfelt lyrics that everyone can relate to. A favourite of my mom's and a favourite of mine, 'tis a must-have in any Mother's Day playlist.

2. Catch Your Fall - Gavin Mikhail

'Tis a really great song to dedicate to your mom, suave-edgy composition with lovely instrumentals and gorgeous vocals that could give a whole lot of other songs a run for their money.

3. Mama's Song - Carrie Underwood

A daughter reassuring her mom that she's made the right choices, and a farewell of sorts, 'tis a sentimental concoction by the gorgeous country vocalist, Carrie Underwood. Awesome-sauce.

4. Mother - Pink Floyd

A typical, semi-quirky relationship between a rocker son who's so many dreams and insecurities and a mollycoddling mom made into an awesomtastic song. Prepare to get yourself floored by the guitarmanship.

5. The Best Day - Taylor Swift

Simple, country-acoustic song about mom just making everyday seem special, even when things get downright awful. Light, airy and sincere 'twill be a nice dedication to all moms out there.

6. Mama - Il Divo

Il Divo being a synonym to decadence, and this song's all about 'Mama', missing her, loving her, watching her smile and all that lovely memories, crooned out by four very talented vocalist. Lovely, really.

7. Superwoman - Alicia Keys

A song befitting my superwoman, I s'pose 'tis a perfect Mother's Day song, jazz and soul oozing from Keys' low, husky-mellow tones. Groovy, 'tis an uplifting, powerful song.

8. I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song - Jim Croce

Images of someone waking their mom in the middle of the night with a guitar, singing her this song comes to my mind when I hear this song. Beautiful song, awesome lyrics, 'tis just perfect for the day.

9. Handful of Weeds - Sheri Easter

Endearingly beautiful, rustic-folk instrumentals serenading a song about a little girl who gave her mum a handful of weeds, a beautiful picture painted with rhythm and beats.

10. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

You had to know this was coming, because I don't think any song could choke emotions, passion and all that warmth into a tune as much as this one could. Amazing, 'tis somewhat left unparalleled.

Notable Mentions:

You're The Inspiration - Chicago
My Wish - Rascal Flatts
If I Could - Barbara Streisand
Hero - Mariah Carey
I'll Always Love My Mama - The Intruders

Friday, May 11, 2012

Single Of The Week : Catch Your Fall (Strings Mix)

Song: Catch Your Fall (Strings Mix)
Artist: Gavin Mikhail
Album: Like Normal People Do

"To be stronger inside and rise above myself." Different from all the other songs where one often wants someone else to be stronger, 'tis a delectable change, Catch Your Fall.

This's a beautiful song, melodic, smooth as it builds up to a rather soft-rock-esque chorus that's delightful. The violin complements the richness in Mikhail's voice without being too much, giving it a perfect balance between indulgent and unbridled, melding beautifully with the entire enchanting-edgy feel of the song. Strings usually need some pretty strong vocals to back them up, and rest assured that Mikhail's vocals packs more than the punch needed. Hats off to the composer here.

I enjoyed the lyric arrangement, where there's little repetition which adds to variety along with his falsetto interlaced with a rougher belting, counter-balanced by the lustrous, lower tones. The tempo varies, from fast to slow, working well with the lyrics delivering all that there is to say. The lyrics're written in a pretty neutral-ish way, allowing it to be something one could dedicate to anyone that means all that much to them, regardless of age, gender, relationship and all.

Brilliant stuff!

(Gavin Mikhail's an extremely generous guy who's giving one too many(five songs, 1 video) for free instead of making his first(or second) million. The download link to those stuff is

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silence - Lucia

Song: Silence
Artist: Lucia

A magnetic voice fills the body of this song. She sings with soul and style with her emotions laid out straightforward in a platter, ready to serve the audience. She invokes a powerful sadness in her vocals. This song is a simple argument and explores denial, although it is slightly generic.

The main dish here is her sultry vocals that seek to impress many with splendid results. The words in the lyrics are injected with healthy doses of feelings concerning sorrow and murkiness. The piano keys flow in tandem with her voice, and together it shows off a natural dramatic point. She not only speaks the emotions, she lives them. Its steady and upbeat pace adds to the pool of feelings.

All in all, a passionate song that is melodically colourful. Though the lyrics are at times repetitive, it doesn't fail to deliver.

Pretty Face - Sóley

Song: Pretty Face
Artist: Sóley
Album: We Sink

Calmness is the quintessential element in this song as it radiates a sort of cool, slowed down moment in time. Quiet and chilling, it speaks of a type of meretricious beauty, of a pretentious value seen through by a few. Solemn but placid simultaneously, tone colours spark in the form of silent, simple tones and beats.

The song is like a waft of cold air, of numbness damped down even further. The voice lends in an icy cool edge that gives the song its distinctive style. The slightest touch of tunes tingles the ears with its equivalent of snowflake drops. The rhythm picks up pace near the end of the song. It is in a way mysterious and minimal.

Cool and gentle, it wreathes in a good number of simplistic details that serves to enhance the quality of the song with its minimalistic approach, focusing all on the voice.

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