Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Light - Rachel Platten

Song: Little Light
Artist: Rachel Platten
Album: Be Here

Have you ever felt incredibly demotivated that even the thought of anything related to it makes you sad? If so, here's a song for you. Sweet and wonderful from the beginning until the end. It has been sung with utter affection by Rachel Platten from the bottom of her heart.

In addition, the lyrics of the song is beautifully written as it speaks not the false but only the truth. One could tell that based on the way she sings it with pure honesty throughout the song. Her angelic vocals, nonetheless, has enhanced the song with powerful raw emotions that provide significant attributes to the song.

All in all, this song is indeed an amazing song and a wonderful work of art.

I Say Fever - Ramona Falls

Song: I Say Fever
Artist: Ramona Falls
Album: Intuit

Dreadful despair fills this song in its entirety, creating a gloomy lapse in which listeners would enter. In such a phase, the singer pours out his deepest regrets in this sodden song, lamenting on the decisions he made and hope that she may come back to him. It has a grainy and lonely feel, like its a sort of indie song you would hear in the old days. Lovely all the same.

The voice has a sorrowful lace that interweaves with the song. The accompaniment is quiet and brisk at one point and blissfully pumping at another. The lyrics are a different type of sentimental; a more blunt one. The song creates a vision of a dystopian city at night with raging seas surrounding it.

A good and subtle song at its very best with the quirky notes and vocals, this song brings out a classic indie type quality; an ability to emote its feelings both literally and sublimally.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Waltz of the Flowers - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Song: Waltz of the Flowers
Artist: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

A divine piece of waltz for classical music lovers. This is definitely one of the most breathtaking waltzes ever created. Sweet and lovely from the beginning until the end with a bizarrely irresistible melody. The melody is perhaps one of the factors for this song to be heard.

Created by the legendary Tchaikovsky himself, this song remained one of the most beautiful waltzes I have ever heard. The instruments blended so wonderfully that it evokes dreamy and peaceful reveries for those who listens.

Overall, I highly recommend this song for classical music lovers especially waltz lovers as this is a masterpiece that shouldn't be missed.

And So Are You - Emma Acs

Song: And So Are You
Artist: Emma Acs
Album: Champagne

Bright and breezy, energetic and jovial. This song is about a short relationship with a playboy casanova. It has a vibrant flair of its own that distinguishes it well especially due to the retro-like voice of the lead singer. It is forgetting about the past, moving on, and then laugh about it once you've looked back.

The lyrics extrude a sort of confidence that you are over the relationship indefinitely. The rhythm and accompaniment is well put together and creates a indie bumpy ride of claps, guitar chords and gentle tones. The vocals are bright and lovely, a sort of a small daliance in the summer afternoon.

Overall, a good song to listen to. What makes it stand out really well is the special voice that Emma has.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Single Of The Week: No Way (Acoustic)

Song: No Way (Acoustic)
Artist: Ria Ritchie
Album: -

"The art of deception in my mind; What's done is done." You don't often see lyrics like that these days, d'you?

In a semi-psychedelic-fairy-tale world where everyone's seeking a happy ending, Ritchie's ballsy tune delivers some decent edge to what I'd call a melancholic tune. Her jazzy, powerhouse of a voice gives a new definition to frustration and silent fury. I absolutely love the way she works her mezzo-soprano to hit the lows and falsettos. And 'tis acoustic to boot. Can a song get anymore perfect? (Nope.)

There's decent rhyme and reason in the lyrics, which one'd appreciate for its prose. Ritchie's saucy pick of words gives the song a groove without hittin' and shreddin' the nerves. Her play with the vocals keep the song lively, alternating from a touch of country, to jazz to a dash of acoustic rock, binding it all with a liberal dose of indie. Awesomesauce.

"No great expectation, You can try, But that don't get you none." I came without expectations, nor did I try. But I did get enough to leave me wanting a whole lot more.

(No Way (Acoustic) can be downloaded from the link

Friday, April 27, 2012

Imaginary Girl - The New Velvet (Acoustic)

Song: Imaginary Girl (Acoustic)
Artist: The New Velvet
Album: The New Velvet

Dwelling somewhere in between pop and rock, these guys make some pretty quirky, awesome tunes. I could swear that ne'er in my life, have I heard a more emotionally-charged song about a girl living in one's imagination.

The two guys who contribute the vocals have voices that blend in such a way, it brings out a hint of A' Capella without going over the board. There's lovely exhibitions of falsettos and some grunge-y rock belting, givin' the song some pretty addictive attributes. The instruments serenading the vocals are endearingly clean, crisp complementing the vocals perfectly without drowning them off.

"Come on keep me close, keep me inside this dream, I know I made you up, but you're the love I need." Imaginary Girl brings back the memories of cliche'd love songs you'd steal lyrics from to write on your Valentine's Day card. Well-crafted words, none too flowery though enough to set a romantic mood, with a lil' garage rock setting.

"I've been told that no one's perfect, but inside my head I see you like that." My head agrees, likewise. A perfect balance of a song, this Imaginary Girl is.

Cold Cold Water - Mirah

Song: Cold Cold Water
Artist: Mirah
Album: The Garden

   An adventurous song filled with dramatic action. It's akin to listening a memoir of Wild, Wild West or a grim interpretation of history itself. It has a distinct foreign feel that envelops the song. It has a lonely and forgotten mood that is enhanced with the beauty of the female singer's voice. It has a dastardly feel of genuine fights and journeys through a dark night.

   The vocals seem to carry the song with ease; they bring out the dim and concealed emotions that thatch and interweave with the melodies pretty well. The effects added to the song bring a sense of imagery and realism in the song. There are different buildups to the song that adds to the momentum of the song in the rhythmic parts.

   Overall, it has a distinct eccentricity and its style is reminiscent of the good old days where films of cowboys in the West became popular. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Betty - Brooke Fraser

Song: Betty
Artist: Brooke Fraser
Album: Flags

I fell in love with her music style the first time I listened to her music. Nonetheless, Betty, her latest single is perhaps one of the my favourite songs of hers. The opening of the song is completely catchy and enchanting in this otherwise wonderfully composed song.

Besides, her voice is one very good reason for people to listen to this song. The honesty and sweetness of her voice alone is enough to compel anyone to want for more. In addition, she sang the song beautifully from the bottom of her heart with her angelic voice.

Overall, this song's definitely worth listening to!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quotables: Bon Iver

Artist: Bon Iver
Album: For Emma, Forever Ago
Song: Skinnny Love

"I tell my love to wreck it all, Cut out all the ropes and let me fall."

"I'll be holding all the tickets, and you'll be owning all the fines."

"Now all your love is wasted? Then who the hell was I?"

"Who will love you? Who will fight? Who will fall far behind?"

Song: Re: Stacks

"It's hard to find it when you knew it, When your money's gone and you're as drunk as hell."

"Whatever could it be that has brought me to this loss?"

"And my love was down in a frozen ground."

"This is pouring rain, This is paralysed."

Paper Forest (In The Afterglow Of Rapture) - Emmy The Great

Song: Paper Forest (In The Afterglow Of Rapture)
Artist: Emmy The Great
Album: Virtue

An emotional extravaganza, this song invokes such hidden feelings from the heart; it pulls and stretches and twiddles with them. A song of hardened melancholy, as if one pities the other in their downtrodden life. This song has a sort of moral implication of the choices and the experience of life itself.

The lyrics are creatively weaved and thoroughly saddening, a painful saddening that has been let go by the writer. The theme of life itself is very wholesome with the words used. It has also a sort of sense with luck and fatalism. The vocals of Emmy is lucrative and smooth. She brings out a style of indie-ness that is akin to telling a story of her experiences.

Appealing to all audiences tried and true with experiences. It is touching in the heart, touching in the soul.

Hear The Bells - Vanessa Carlton

Song: Hear The Bells
Artist: Vanessa Carlton
Album: Rabbits On The Run

   The song is chilling and brisk. It's light and dreamy, as if a flush of emotions and after images in your dreams appear and coalesce. It has a sort of fantastical mood that sweeps you away to float among the skies existing as the clouds. The song literally floats in the air, as if the notes are made  of cotton. It is weightless, and that is its prominence.

    The song is subtle; it emphasizes on simple notes that leaves an iridescent image as it stretches on. The lyrics leave a form of afterimage of a simple town being a joint or transit to an ethereal realm. Vanessa's voice flutters like a butterfly as it gently lands each note throughout the whole song. The music is greatly exemplifies a thorough use of minimalism.

   Grain-like and thought inducing, it enhances all traits of emotions with its simple choice of tunes.  Its ethereal feel is pronounced and powerful.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love, Save the Empty - Erin McCarley

Song: Love, Save the Empty
Artist: Erin McCarley
Album: Love, Save the Empty

The first time I listened to this song, I knew that I had to review it. Genuine raw talent like Erin McCarley’s does not come by everyday. Her style is utterly beautiful and unique I would say. This song somehow reminds me of Sara Bareilles. Perhaps, it’s due to the near resemblance of the cleverly implemented piano arrangement that fits wonderfully with her soulful voice.

Besides, her voice is indeed very unique too. Smoky and charming at the same time with some hints of honesty. Despite being incredibly smoky yet alluring in the lower range, her voice somehow reaches a state of pure clarity that would melt one's heart easily in her higher range. Sung from her heart with utter beauty, this song also has wonderful accompaniment from the ingenious choice of musical instruments.

Without doubts and hesitations, I would definitely recommend this to everyone as this song is one hell of a song that shouldn't be missed!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Vanessa - Grimes

Song: Vanessa
Artist: Grimes
Album: Darkbloom

A very definite, yet indefinite surrealism, a certainty and ambiguity, concrete and vague at the same time. This song transcends the material realms in many levels, particularly due to the blend of techno beats with the ghostly, spiritual voices that sing the lyrics out like prayers. Its oddly enchanting and entrancing and it brings a form of psychedelia to one's mind. 

The melodies soothe and slow, relax and soften the hardest of tensions in the body and mind. It has a mellow, gentle tone that glistens over the beats. Fluid and light at the same time, this song shines the most due to its fragile, glass-like composition. It has a spiritual and futuristic essence that diffuses outwards and overwhelming listeners with music.

Exuberant music that glows and kindles like a blue flame, visible but not visible. This song is light, bright and delectable to the ears.

Best Covered Songs


Noteworthy Renditions of the Original

1. Somebody That I Used to Know
Original Artists: Gotye featuring Kimbra
Cover Artists: Pentatonix

I loved Gotye and Kimbra, they created a masterpiece. The entire song felt lively, a whimsical mix of the hot and cold, the right amount of tension, passion and fluff and I adored the instrumentals. I s'pose there's a charm to the song that's quite unbreakable, but one could definitely drop it in molten lava and twist it into something unrecognisable.

Unrecognisable... with A 'Capella. Forgive me, but A' Capella always brings me visions of Glee-wannabe and 'tis never quite something I consider 'extremely creative' but this definitely didn't feel A 'Capella. Instead it had a very buttery-smooth-vibrato-electronic vocal-instrumental medley that reminded one of anything but A' Capella norms. Definitely noteworthy.

Noteworthy Mentions: Ingrid Michaelson, Michael Schulte & Max Giesinger, Walk off the Earth

2. How To Save a Life
Original Artists: The Fray
Cover Artist: Adrian Wilson

Isaac Slade's mesmerising vocals won me over with this song, 'tis just just perfect for the song. 'Tis clean with a rough-around-the-edges, rock instrumentals followed by a ballad-esque singing and the awesomely written lyrics, 'tis one of the few songs that's been a classic for me. And as simple as this song seems to be 'tis seemingly impossible to cover.

And them we meet Beside Lights lead singer, Adrian Wilson. Here's a man who knows his voice, and boy, does he have a voice. The control he exhibited with his vocals was impressive, and his touch of guitar to the song that's lovely with a piano was really good. A heavy Australian accent and lil' twists along the way, gave the song a touch of unique but it preserved the things I've learned to adore in the original. Worth a mention, a shout and a listen.

Notable Mentions : Alex Goot, Boyce Avenue

3. Little Lion Man
Original Artists: Mumford and Sons
Cover Artist: ortoPilot

Little Lion Man's a vibrant, folksy one, an easy addiction and a target hit for the replay button, 'tis. The rugged vocals gave a lovely texture to the song, adding to the rusticity without taking away the fun elements. Mumford and Sons gave the song a brisk air, which became the song's signature, with its quick strumming, fast rhythm and interesting choice of words.

But things can get odd when someone(ortoPilot, that is) gives the song a lil' change. Especially since it sounds really, ridiculously good. A slower tempo brings more attention to the lyrics and a slight croon here and there, highlighting his unique vocals likewise. The cover gets you up being so familiar, and keeps you listening, since 'tis a lovely rendition of an awesome song.

Noteworthy Mentions: Orla Gartland, Dustin Prinz, Gid Sedgwick and Edward T. Cooke, Sara Bareilles

4. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Original Artists: Death Cab for Cutie
Cover Artist: Gavin Mikhail

I Will Follow You Into The Dark is a gorgeous song, the kind you swoon and melt to. The arrangement's lovely, the vocals simple, the lyrics subtle and stark giving it the 'love song' feel without making it feel extremely over-the-top. I personally loved the acoustic guitar strums which gave the song a more organic feel and it went perfectly with the vocals.

What a piano and smooth melodious vocals can do to the song is epic, and Gavin Mikhail exhibits his prowess with them in the song. It felt a whole lot more refined, like a 'proper', 'traditional' love song, with hints of the subtlety and rusticity that I adored in the original. Mikhail's slower rendition gives the song a new and noteworthy feel, an auditory pleasure.

Noteworthy Mentions: Juliana Richer, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Gavin Mikhail, Austin Criswell, Leah Johns.

5. If I Die Young
Original Artists: The Band Perry
Cover Artists: Michael Henry and Justin Robinett

If I Die Young is an endearingly melancholic song with a hint of cheek. Extremely country-pop, 'tis the song everyone'd love, being in a middle ground with amazing lyrics. The crisp, husky and extremely feminine vocals gives the song a hint of sad without dampening the entire tune. A permanent fixation in my playlist, with an unbeatable quality.

Though I'd say that Michael Henry and Justin Robinett could give them a run for their money with their cover. 'Tis acoustic piano rendition done in a duet, maintains the haunting-esque feel, adding perhaps a tad more melancholy and regret, simple layers and textures harmonizing melodiously creating a pulchritudinous cover. Noteworthy, extremely so.

Noteworthy Mentions:  Sam Tsui, Krista Nicole, Julia Sheer

Drunk - Ed Sheeran

Song: Drunk
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: +

Someone should stick the warning label "Beware: Extremely Addictive & Might Get One Intoxicated".

An intoxicating song, a cocktail of interesting tunes, flavourful vocals, psychedelic tempo, creative lyrics and such keeps this song vibrant from start to end, tinges of fizzle and zest tasted as 'tis heard. Sheeran's excellent control over his mellow, delicious vocals keep the song warm and lively, endearingly so.

Switching non-chalantly from indie-pop to RnB to folk-technoesque music keeps one on their toes, circling the room as they lip sync along, never wanting to be sober from the song. The emotions studded to the song is vividly present, charmingly honest and perhaps not the best role-model-esque example, making it a perfect indulgence of a song. Sometimes "What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all."

I'll be Drunk again. With the song, mind.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Single Of The Week : Here In My Home

Song: Here In My Home
Artists: Malaysian Artists for Unity
Album: Malaysian Artists for Unity

'Tis a lovely medley, an acoustic ballad by numerous Malaysian artists. Personally, I loved the very acoustic-country way it started off with, and it slowly adds more textures with different elements; vocals, instrumentals and rhythms.

Here In My Home is all about unity and togetherness. 'Twas a lil' bit of everything, different languages, Glee-esque choir, country, folk and rap. A wee messy here and there, but the diversity in the vocals work, in a home-ish mess sort of way. The tune's extremely catchy, with a stable rhythm established from the beginning to the end, though the tune varies as each artist(or all of them) bring in their two cents and million dollars worth of contribution in.

"One love undivided, that's what it's all about." I s'pose coins the song perfectly. I felt the love, in all its cheesy goodness in the song. The bits of Malay, Mandarin and Tamil infused in, which was a lil' odd-esque but 'tis acquired taste. Manglish and Malaysian culture.

"Please won't you fall in one by one, by one with me?" I'm floored.

(Here In My Home can be downloaded free at

Fighting For Your Love - Jon Regen

Song: Fighting For Your Love
Artist: Jon Regen
Album: Revolution

He's really living it. The energy in this song is so lively and monumental that it sees to it that people dance and move to the beats of the song. The virtuous melodies of this song sets up an uplifting mood, a kick start in the morning that leaves smiles on everyone's faces. It is an elated jazzy tune that dances with itself merrily.

The vocals can said as smooth and rugged at the same time. The rhythm is just as fun as a track where once can easily ride a bicycle along and remember the good old times in life. The elements of pop and jazz work in tandem together to bring such life and vitality in this music. The theme of love is taken at a different approach and works very well in enhancing the experience.

Overall, it is in its own way decisive and confident. Really strong and bright piece that has good components of jazz in it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Left Outside Alone - Anastacia

Song: Left Outside Alone
Artist: Anastacia
Album: Anastacia

   A magnanimous voice governs this entire song as it plays; the soulful voice of Anastacia herself. The song has such powerful and moving strength that it can simply thrill and bewitch an entire audience with its stark notes and powerful range. The theme is concentrated on the feelings of being alone, and redirects normally depressive emotions into a fiery anger that is vibrantly beautiful.

   Her distinctive deep voice and loud vocals create a startling and melodic contrast that adds to the variety in the song. It can range from heavenly to aggressive and also low where subtly the feelings are lined with it. Along with the music, she sounds very contemporary and rock as she enthralls listeners with her voice. It carries a message akin to a sharpened spear thrown at pinpoint accuracy.

   Thrilling, goosebumps inducing and stunning, this song is perfect to get back to any exes out there.

Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie (Personal)

Song: Big Girls Don't Cry
Artist: Fergie
Album: The Dutchess

Turbulent love lives make excellent love songs, even if there's little tears in it. One dare say, the lack of tears makes it lovelier, perhaps.

Fergie oozes sensuality in the song, crooning off the beginning before switching into a pop number, which later gives place to a more classic hip hop-esque feel to the song. Her range, albeit not quite as spectacular, is exhibited flawlessly in a wide range of genres, as smooth as silk with touches of velvet and chiffon around the edges.

The instruments are well paired, muted when she starts off though I wish there'd been a lil' less during the chorus. It gave too much of a pop air to the song, when a light urban-hip hop feel would've been a lot more interesting.

Words can't be any more straightforwardly poetic, and 'tis a song about letting go. There's all that cliche'd 'it's not you, it's me' and 'I think it's time for me to leave', though the approach Fergie's taken with the lyrics makes it feel a lil' more personal and original. I s'pose 'tis just a story  about how"It's time to be a big girl now; And Big Girls Don't Cry."

Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

Song: Bubbly
Artist: Colbie Caillat
Album: Coco

'Tis a gentle arrangement of a song, no-frills, lovely acoustics, gorgeous vocals with a hint of a smile. Very much like a champagne of a song, really. Bubbly.

Caillat has lovely vocals, deep and earthy for a woman, reminding one of jazz and blues with a nice vibrancy-spring to it. Personally finding her voice extremely sexy, especially when she purrs low vibratos in the tune, it gives a nice balance to the song. A mild guitar acoustic follows, along with touches of percussion establishing a steady, light rhythm.

Caillat's prowess is her lyrics, for 'tis charming, very much like her. Easygoing, she plays with her words, but not too much, sharing the little details enough to give one a picture and a lil' more left to the imagination. The song is something, I s'pose, everyone could relate to, for it feels exquisitely intimate while prevailing the general.

Bubbly's about that one person who makes her smile, feelin' like a child and brings out the celebratory mood. The person who makes you feel like... mmmm.

"'Cos every time I see your Bubbly face, I get the tingles and I celebrate." Cheers to you too.

Friday, April 20, 2012

First We Kiss - Anna Calvi

Song: First We Kiss
Artist: Anna Calvi
Album: Anna Calvi

   A rustic, gothic essence can be drawn from the song. Dark, gloomy and filled with despair, this song has this emotion of dread that slips through the mind. It has a slow movement full with regrets and a sodden love. It's an unadulterated clinging for lust, a hunger for romance. A  downtrodden path of love, some would say.

   The vocals are indeed strong and ethereal; they create a ghostly but also powerful presence that is reminiscent of Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. The theme brings a nostalgic  effect to many as it is akin to the fusion of the oldies and the current. The rhythm brings a chaos that adds to the spiritual spontaneity of the song.

   Anna Calvi and the band has done beautifully in producing such a fine tune. It is moving to one's hearts and leaves a tinge of restlessness in them.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cigarette Burns - Flunk

Song: Cigarette Burns
Artist: Flunk
Album: This Is What You Get

   An undeniably lazy and tipsy song that has its charms and style. This song invokes freedom and ease, and causes a free flowing imagination of a sunny afternoon. It inspires a bright mood and yet it is slightly sombre in terms of its main theme. It somehow motivates one to get up to face the daily ramblings of life.

  A country mood brought to life through the warm strums of the guitar and the percussion. The soft and loft vocals shower listeners with a carefree attitude and the love of all things joyful. The lyrics create a message that life is indeed long and harsh at times but one can face it and then in the end enjoy the intricacies of life itself.

   Wispy and heart raising, this song fleshes out a nice holiday summer mood and at the same time wittily tells the tales of the lives of an average Joe in the world.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - Vanessa Mae

Song: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Artist: Vanessa Mae
Album: The Ultimate Vanessa-Mae

An extremely talented violinist, Vanessa Mae adds her own twist to the classic Toccata and Fugue giving it a more contemporary outlook while retaining the beauty that tune has, the energy and vibrancy that Bach composed into this lovely piece.

Mae's music is legendary for its hints of techno-acoustic in her violin solos, which gives a breath of contemporary to the classic. The tune's generally excellent, and Mae's rendition is a favourite for 'tis difference and the exaggeration to the once subtle notes gives a new air to the song.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor exudes passion in a flurry, delivering the most intricate sounds to the human ear, rendering auditory bliss. 'Tis a must-hear to all of mankind who enjoy music and its many whims, and Mae's excellent wielding of the violin makes her version of this song, one of the best.

"Fasten your seat belts" and enjoy the ride.

Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys

Song: Fluorescent Adolescent
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: Favourite Worst Nightmare

The garish, neon days of one's teenage life and how it leaves everything else to come extremely lackluster, is what this song's about. A classic garage rock-esque song, it imparts nostalgia in this very psychedelic way.

The song's generally catchy, screams indie and has all the elements of garage rock. 'Tis something that you'd want to listen to on the road, lip-synching to the lyrics with a spring in your step, but the lyrics tell a whole other story, altogether.

A tale of a woman who's frustrated, is drawn vividly, and there's detest over her current life and longing for the rascal alter ego she left behing, during her Fluorescent Adolescent. I s'pose a conventional life never suited this lady. 'Tis quite obvious.

Especially when, "Nothing seems to be as pretty as the past though, That Bloody Mary's lacking in Tabasco."

Fade Like A Shadow - KT Tunstall

Song: Fade Like A Shadow
Artist: KT Tunstall
Album: Tiger Suit

   A really upbeat melancholic song, about the hardships of a relationship and probably letting go. The music brings a flowing motion of surviving from past issues. This can be easily a song of finding strength within oneself and empowers people to forget haters or enemies so that they'll fade like a shadow. 

   Tunstall's crisp and strong voice contributes greatly to the song's flair. Her style sets her off as a brave and hardened contemporary woman. The light keyboard touches adds a great eccentricity to the song. The accompaniment with the rhythm produces a fast paced tempo that carries listeners like a horse through a tunnel.

   Swift, steady and current, it's something different from what she normally produces. And different is good.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Morning Light - Truman/David Falzone

Song: Morning Light
Artist: Truman/David Falzone

Sounds familiar? You must have heard it from the opening scene of the Tv-Series ‘Wildfire’. Haven’t heard it before? Then, you should probably go check it out! The first thing that attracted my attention was the irresistible melody of the piece, simple yet catchy.

The melody played on the piano at the beginning of the song is merely the one thing needed to get anyone’s attention. Nonetheless, the guitar has successfully added significant elements of excitement into the melody of the song. The song has been soulfully and skilfully sung by Truman with his honest and warm vocals which gave a western charm to the song.

Overall, this is a great song and I highly recommend it to the country song lovers.

Close My Eyes To See - Haroula Rose

Song: Close My Eyes To See
Artist: Haroula Rose
Album: These Open Roads

    Blissfully calming and tranquil, this song is a dream escapade, leaving you to live in the world unfazed by any issues. One can easily sing this at dawn outside with just an acoustic guitar, by a garden or on a field when the Sun starts to rise. It feels extremely close to nature, as if one can see the bond between the world and the environment through this music.

    The vocals are soft and sweet, easily grasping the attention of listeners. The lyrics create a universal imagery of the world and also its global span, and somehow that it is too much to take and being free from the world with a loved one seems the optimal solution. Closing one's eyes to see, to imagine with a cherished one. Gentle but not draggy, this song is elegant and raw at the same time.

    This song evidently shows how vocals and a guitar primarily create a personal yet universal feel that can relate to many people. Its simplicity shines.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brokenhearted - Karmin

Song: Brokenhearted
Artist: Karmin
Album: Hello

This is perhaps something fresh. Uniquely stunning in its upbeat despite the meaning of the song. The strong energetic rhythm makes you want to dance along with it.

The drum beats has given the song a dance beat that evokes dancing movements. In addition, Amy Heidemann's powerful vocals added significant texture to the song. In fact, her vocal prowess is one of the things that shouldn't be missed out in this song, unique and powerful.

All in all, this song is a great song and is worth listening to.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dry - Ofrin

Song: Dry
Artist: Ofrin
Album: On Shore Remain

   A bluesy tune slowly formulates in this song and entrances listeners to a dark idyllic state. It is a song of a shadowy realm, as it encapsulates one into its view upon the world. Here the singer longs to keep and preserve the moment that she and another share for eternity. Beautiful in a macabre, distorted sort of way.

   The vocals are sultry and eerie. Spine chilling but in a good way. Lures the heart into its maw as well. The music really sets the mood for a night where the deep and the unknown appear in one's thoughts. It successfully captures the vision of a girl alone in the dark in a bustling city, where she isolates herself from the world, oblivious to all the senses around her.

   Irresistible and sexy. This song drowns the listener in horrific shadows as it introduces its perspective, its view, its perception on the world.


Waking Dream - Natalie Walker

Song: Waking Dream
Artist: Natalie Walker
Album: Urban Angel

A very beautiful song. It shines with its ghostly yet calm quality. Perhaps, this song is suitable to be played as an ambient music to relax one's mind due to the tranquility of the song. The rhythmic beat of the song has successfully created a soothing sensation throughout the song, rendering it sound pleasing to the ears.

The slow structure of the melody has also enhanced the song with a soothing effect. Besides, Natalie Walker's siren-like vocals has nevertheless helped this song to achieved its significant dreamy effect. One's thought can easily drift away while listening to her angelic voice.

Overall, this is a wonderful song and her amazing vocal style in this song should be given a chance.

Maybe - Kelly Clarkson

Song: Maybe
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Album: My December

"If you trust me, love me, let me, maybe... Maybe."

I s'pose this is an excuse-reason of a song to why one wouldn't trust another. There's confusion, anger, a sense of being lost and the want to be someone she thinks she ought to be. There's promise but there's the final cracks of one breaking down. 'Tis as beautiful as an avalanche could be, deadly and all.

Her vocals again range from the low to the high, but in this song she displays her Lance Armstrong's strength-worth vocals of steel. Everything from the classic guitar to the electric-rock buzz at the end gives variety to the tune, one comparable to the calm before a storm and a monsoon cyclone. And there's that musical screaming. Sensational bliss.

My December wasn't quite the success it ought to be, but 'tis worthy of more fame. Her music's so decadent, an injection of reckless and heady passion, it surges through blood like synthetic adrenaline.

A delicious concoction, this is. Listen and enjoy.

Sober - Kelly Clarkson

Song: Sober
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Album: My December

I should admit beforehand that I'm in love with Kelly Clarkson. She's just the sinful delight between pop, rock and acoustic. Her edgier, darker music are very much like a snake-charmer tune to my reptilian auditory canal. It's just... plain, addictive goodness.

I love the classic combination of an electric guitar, drums and a powerhouse of a vocal medley. Clarkson's one of the few singers who can make screams seem musical to me, and the way she alternates from the extreme high to the dangerously low pitch just gives one a spine-chilling experience. 'Tis eargasmic.

Her instrumentals are catchy, giving it a pop-esque feel, but 'tis not overdone, and did I mention that her vocals are oh-so-good?

"Three months and I'm still Sober; Picked all my weeds and kept the flowers." is the simplest, yet the most charming line in the song. 'Tis sort of the whole song condensed, a song about moving on and uprooting everything that's cancerous to one. The tale's spun so vividly and along with the music, it feels like the real deal.

"But I know, it's never really over." That's how it is, listening to this song. It haunts you and keeps you coming for more.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going Going Gone - Stars

Song: Going Going Gone
Artist: Stars
Album: Nightsongs

Going Going Gone is a somewhat haunting song. The electronic beat of the song creates a peculiar yet calm imaginary setting, stirring bizarre combination of emotions. The flowing notes of the melody also creates tranquility throughout the song. One's thought can easily drift away listening to this song.

The female vocalist sung it beautifully with her seemingly thin and fragile voice which gives the chill while the piano creates the ambient melody needed by the song. The simple rhythmic beat of the piano somehow captured my attention.

Overall, this is a good ambient music that could be used in movies or films.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Something Beautiful - ODi

Song: Something Beautiful
Artist: ODi
Album: Maslow's Songbook

     A heartfelt journey full of rife and obstacles, pains and struggles, disheartened decisions and choices. However, somehow, a glimmer of hope still clings on, preaching to the person not to give  up on the world just yet. More positive things are about to come. The song echoes of that moment especially with its ambivalent theme of mixed feelings.

    The song streams out an easing of pain, letting go of suffering, moving on and getting through your problems. The voice is of a strong female type, as if she's braved the worst of the moments and is now living in the aftermath. The music is sort of easy listening; one can immediately relaxed and be relieved of all their problems for a temporary moment.

    A song to listen to, especially after a bad incident, as it helps you to pick up the pieces and make a new you. Inspiring in a contemporary way.

Earth Intruders - Björk

Song: Earth Intruders
Artist: Björk 
Album: Volta

    Crazily fantastic. Highly addictive. Very African with hints of Thai, this song has a unique spin of its own with its blending of techno beats and more traditional elements of music. Simply, it sounds like an anthem for an alien invasion on Earth. No surrender is taken as the Earth Intruders bring ruin to everything. Listening to this song at least once would get you marching immediately.

    Björk's voice is powerful and simply magnificent, and has its unique edge that anyone can easily label it as hers once they listen to it. The lyrics are anthem-like, and feel like an unstoppable army when sung. The words like 'Turmoil' and 'Carnage' have a heavy impact as they give rise to the energy levels of the song tremendously. The instruments really give a sort of tribal mood that goes along well with the sci-fi like feel of the song.

    Overall, a truly distinguished song. It gives the strength of a throng with its forceful and mighty thrill. Brilliant.

Friday, April 13, 2012

All of Me - Jon Schmidt

Song: All of Me
Artist: Jon Schmidt
Album: August End

I can say without any doubts that this is perhaps one of the best instrumental pieces ever created. Stylish and outstanding in its own way in terms of melody and composition. This song tend to create a perpetual desire in oneself for this song due to its remarkable and breathtaking melodic construction.

The flowing keys of the piano is also very inspirational and exhilarating. In addition, this song requires a good technical virtuosity. Jon Schmidt did a brilliant job in which he gave life to this piece by bringing out its beautiful melody.

All in all, this piece is definitely worthy of your attention!

Single Of The Week - Permanent Marker Promise

Song: Permanent Marker Promise
Artist: Hayley Reardon
Album: Hope You're Smiling

'Tis a country-esque song, a song of skinny jeans, teenage love, guitars, streetlights and promises. The kind written in permanent markers.

Reardon gives the impression of 'that girl strumming the guitar', singing her meager journey but she has talent, with both the guitar and her vocals. Her arrangements are simple enough to exhibit her well-developed mezzo-soprano and even a lil' falsetto here and there. Any T.Swift fan would be charmed by this young lady,  I'd wager that much.

It's a song about adolescent love. There's no deep words, philosophy-esque phrases, bittersweet experiences and all that complicated-too-big-for-the-world-to-understand stuff in this song. 'Tis just sweet, simple attraction.

"I don't care right now." she croons. I'd second Reardon on this one. You know, just live, breathe and listen. Although you'd want to intercede and explain on how probably some spirit methyl or turpentine might erase that permanent markers, 'tis not at all necessary here.

Just stop caring, really. And listen.

(Permanent Marker Promises can be downloaded from the link

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bottle It Up - Sara Bareilles

Song: Bottle It Up
Artist: Sara Bareilles
Album: Little Voice

This is perhaps one of her best in her album, Little Voice. This song features a simple and heartening rhythm accompanied by the phenomenal jazzy yet refreshingly interesting structure of melody. Her music style here is incredibly fantastic and amusing.

In addition, the mezzo-soprano singer's naturally powerful and soulful voice has significantly contributed to the texture of the song alongside the low notes of the genius piano arrangement not to mention the wisdom in the lyrics that speaks honestly from her point of view.

Overall, this song is indeed another brilliant song that needs more publicity!

Bitter Heart - Zee Avi

Song: Bitter Heart
Artist: Zee Avi
Album: Zee Avi

Whimsical and solemn, the song paints the picture of everything but bitter hearts. There's a beautiful contrast between the crystal-like voice of Zee Avi and the jazzy notes in her song, while the tempo of the song, neither fast nor slow, makes the tune something one'd love to hum nonchalantly.

'Tis a song of one trying to hide a bitter heart, shooing away all ill-feelings when it wrecks havoc inside, planting seeds of wrath while one tries to mask that jungle with a pleasant smile. The notes of jazz adds a lil' blues-esque air to the song, while the piano and percussion counters that and compliments it with a more fanciful, flutterish feel.

"Bitter heart, bitter heart, tries to keep it all inside; Bitter heart, bitter heart, shadows will help you try to hide."

I s'pose somewhere in between all that bitter, there must've been hints o' sweet. Because the song is.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eyes Closed - The Narrative

Song: Eyes Closed
Artist: The Narrative
Album: Just Say Yes EP

   Autumns leaves drifting past as the wind delicately blows, brushing by all your experiences, thrills, excitements and struggles in your life. It breezes through a woman's hair as she walks along a park, contemplating her thoughts. This song creates such a subtle imagery of life. Raw with emotions this song is.

    The lead vocals are dreamy and crisp, and when intertwined with the female singer's voice, it creates a splendid amalgam of music that touches the heart like fingers touching the keys of a piano. Enchanting, especially with the lyrics, which are well crafted and delicate to a person's heart. The abrupt ending to the song adds to the song flowing like the wind.

   It helps to ease the mind a little when one listens to this song. Good vocals and a complacent-like theme makes this solid.


Best Covered Songs

Sometimes when you just think that a song can't get any better, someone tweaks it up and makes it auditory heroin. At other times, 'tis just an obscure song transformed into something much more pleasing to the ear. Or it could simply something as good, though different. And different's good. Here's my list of the best covered songs I've heard by far.

Better than the Originals

1. Lovesong
Original Artist: The Cure
Cover Artist: Adele

The Cure isn't a band I'd generally listen to and I s'pose I never quite understood their 'kind of music'. When I first listened to Lovesong, by the Cure,  I s'pose I didn't feel much from the lyrics when I ought to have savoured every word. Something lacked, perhaps a lil' zest, a kick or a quick shake that captured one's attention and held it captive until the end. The way it did when I listened to Adele's cover. 

The song simmered passion when The Cure performed it. With Adele's cover, 'tis a wondertastic explosion. Adele's expensive vocals was all that song needed for a reincarnation. 'Tis beautiful, every word reverberating energy, giving lustre and life. 'Tis Adele who covered it after all. Enough said, really. 

Honourable Mentions:  Josh Charles, Tori Amos

2. Safe and Sound
Original Artist: Taylor Swift feat. Civil Wars
Cover Artists: Dustin Prinz

I like Taylor Swift(my guilty mainstream pleasure), but her vocals aren't quite the best. This was one song that had huge potential, but was underplayed. I barely felt the Civil Wars presence and Swift felt rather nasal in the song. To my auditory nerves, something seemed to be lacking(the instrumentals of the song were pretty good, nonetheless). 

The cover done by Dustin Prinz took the song to the next level. It felt like a different song altogether, with so much depth and life to it. His deep vocals, guitar play and effects brought out the best in the song, giving it a more masculine feel, without taking away the vulnerability the tune held. 'Tis just... plain awesome. 

Honourable mentions: Kina Grannis', Julia Sheer, Gerald Ko feat. Bo the Girl, Tiffany Alvord and Megan Nicole

3. Single Ladies
Original Artist: Beyoncé
Cover Artist: Sara Bareilles

Single Ladies. 'Tis one of the few most annoying songs out there, ridiculously mainstream, repetitive lyrics and everything I wouldn't want in a song. Beyoncé has some great tunes under her belt but this definitely isn't one of them. 

I s'pose when one simply gives up on such a song, someone cool just comes around the corner and performs her magic on this hopeless tune, salvaging it and giving in permanent residence in one's playlist. Sara Bareilles is that someone. Her play with the vocals, from the dusky mezzo-soprano to the highest of note of her falsetto, made this tune a song. The jazzy, soulful arrangement she gave the song, along with the hint of cheek and sarcasm somehow got me to admit that I like Single Ladies(the one by Sara Bareilles, mind you). 

Honourable Mentions: None. The rest was equally as annoying as the original, alas.

4. Skinny Love
Original Artist: Bon Iver
Cover Artist: Birdy

Skinny Love's a beautiful song. 'Tis one of those songs that just delivers so much with so little showing, flashing out, and Bon Iver's a genius of a lyricist, for 'tis one of the most exquisite lyrics written, in my opinion. Though, 'twas Birdy's cover of the song that bewitched me. 

It had every element I loved in the original, along with her glorious, soulful and lingering vocals entwined, perhaps with a tad more emotion than the original exhibited. I s'pose, I am floored by her interpretation of the song. Many would disagree, claiming that Birdy might have 'destroyed' the song, but I don't think so. If anything, Bon Iver sang a story, Birdy sang a song. 'Tis preference. 

Honourable Mentions: Hannah Trigwell, Ingrid Michaelson

5. Just A Dream
Original Artist: Nelly
Cover Artists: Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

Nelly's version of the song is forgettable. There's nothing one could hold on to, if they ever wanted to pin the song into their memories. Simpleton lyrics, too much background music effects, heavily autotuned, I s'pose  I was left feeling nothing. 'Twas bland. 

And then came Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. Both extremely talented, young artists who put everything(not by Nelly's standards) into the song. Tsui's vocals, the simple acoustic-esque instrumentals courtesy of Schneider, paired with Grimmie's outstanding vocals definitely transformed the song. If 'Just A Dream' was Cinderella, then Tsui and Grimmie are the fairy godparents. 

Honourable Mentions: Jeff Hendrick, Eppic & Krista Nicole, Ryan Narciso

(to be continued)

Die Young - The Sweet Serenades

Song: Die Young
Artist: The Sweet Serenades
Album: Balcony Cigarettes

   A relaxed song that is reminiscent of Hawaiian luau parties. It has a retro rock like with its authentic acoustics mixed along. It has a semi-melodramatic theme that, when mixed with the vocals of the singers and the happy notes at the choruses, creates a stark contrast that engages listeners avidly.

   Bright and yet regretful, this song plays on one's emotions like the placid waves of the oceans. The rhythms are of an elated and ecstatic mood, with the accompaniment bringing out the happy tone colours out. The lyrics are interesting and often strike off as hilarious to me, especially the verse "Love is gonna die, we're gonna die young."

   A light and holiday-ish hit that should be played on the car as one drives down on a road trip. Bring in a bunch of friends too.

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