Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dirty Business - The Dresden Dolls

Song: Dirty Business
Artist: The Dresden Dolls

This is a rather interesting song. Despite the profanities in this song, it has been finely composed by the artist with a groovy and melodious tune which was what caught my attention. The flow of the piano keys has successfully kept the piece interesting alongside the ambient tune of the percussion.

Besides, her vocals fit strangely in the song and gives it a unique music style. The lyrics itself is trying to reveal a story throughout the song.

I wouldn't force you to listen to this song because everybody has different tastes in music. Likewise, every artist has different styles of writing music and this is merely the artist's style of writing music which nevertheless should be given a chance.

Little Numbers - BOY

Song: Little Numbers
Artist: BOY
Album: Mutual Friends

     Lovely up kick pop song that reminds one of pop classics with a slight tinge of indie style. Simple percussion and piano chords brings this song a simple bright theme of finding love. It can remind one of walking down a lane on a sunset afternoon, and then slowly increasing the pace and eventually running down a beach, basking under the calm, eternal sunlight.

     The starting claps help warm listeners up to the music. The rhythm is irresistible and thoroughly enchanting. The voice, which is a slight mixture of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, is sweet while tinged with properties of a strong woman.
The chorus is lively and perfect for a summer afternoon. The lyrics are hopelessly romantic and thoroughly intriguing.

     All in all, this song has a simple beat and notes akin to a romantic and thrilling summer moment and creates a warm sensation to one's heart and mind.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Always Remember Me - Ry Cuming

Song: Always Remember Me
Artist: Ry Cuming
Album: Ry Cuming

Always Remember Me is the kind of song I'd expect to be melancholic, possessive perhaps a little melodramatic from the title itself. But it turns around and presents itself as a beautiful surprise with the light strumming of the guitar, his sylvan, rustic tenor complimenting(and complementing) the mellow rhythm.

There aren't requisitions nor does the song pose a demand, instead 'tis a hint of plea and a tale of memories. This song's the polar opposite to the ostentatious and the flamboyant, for it doesn't try at all. Not even for a second, does one feel like they're forced to save a certain memory for a lifetime, while they're listening to this tune. There's no pressure whatsoever.

Hence, I'm left with no choice but to agree with Ry Cuming's style.

"Keep it simple, simple is good."

Right To Be Wrong - Joss Stone

Song: Right To Be Wrong
Artist: Joss Stone
Album: Mind Body & Soul

Joss Stone hooked me onto the Blues, Jazz and Soul with her low smoky voice often enhancing and alternating with her lascivious mezzo-soprano notes. Her music's mandatory for the lazy evenings when Clarkson's a little too loud.

The song's about a very human sort of being, claiming her rights to be on the unconventional side of life. 'Tis a song that justifies living and encourages a splash of zest(perhaps a lil' more) into a plain vanilla day, all with the smooth, sensuous rhythm, slow and supple.

There isn't anything extravagant about the song, but 'tis rich with emotions, with all the notes done perfectly to match the mood. The instruments, give off a jazz-esque mood, the drums a prefect augmentation to the piano and the light strums of the electric guitar. 'Tis the epitome of mellifluousness, harmony and soul.

"I might be singing out of key, but it sure feels good to me."

I beg to differ on the keys, and it sure feels good to me, likewise.

Burgundy - Warpaint

Song: Burgundy
Artist: Warpaint
Album: The Fool

      A dark and sombre mood envelops the entirety of this song. With its notes uttering pure melancholy, the band brings us a deep, personal experience of a sort of relationship/love that clings. The song has a slow and laid back nature that showcases the vocals and the music brilliantly.

     The strums of the electric guitar warms up the heart a little, with the vocals joining in later, bringing the music to life. The voice has a passionate and sultry impression that is flustered with emotions. It somehow connects to one's inner feelings of relationships and love. The simplicity of the actions in the lyrics breaks down relationships to their bases; love and longing for each other.

    This song is beguiling and alluring. It doesn't mask anything at all. Emotions at their simplicity.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wires - Matt and Kim

Song: Wires
Artist: Matt and Kim
Album: Sidewalks

A good tempo struts off at the start of this song, then comes the tinkering of the high notes. With techno beats and tunes emblazoning the entire song, it brings a unique style to the table here. A cool, spirited and upbeat track brings life in its sound. Can imagine this song being played in a marching.

What's very different about this song(and the band in entirety) are the vocals of the male lead singer. Matt's voice is light and lively, bringing most of their songs to a sort of free-spirited teen who's dancing freely at the backyard, not caring about any problems in the world. The lyrics are somewhat decent, but it's no problem when you have a voice like Matt. The percussion is also fun and catchy in this track.

With every part being played well in unison, this track really soars quite high. Let's hope it doesn't cut wires on its way.

Gleipnir - Adrian Von Ziegler

Song: Gleipnir
Artist: Adrian Von Ziegler
Album: Requiem

Gleipnir, is a term from the Norse mythology that refers to a binding, as thin as a silken ribbon but stronger than any iron chain. 'Tis forged by the dwarfs from the underground realm of Svartálfaheim, to hold the mighty and elusive wolf, Fenrisulfr.

The music composed by Von Ziegler signifies Gleipnir to the very definition, bringing in Celtic, Folk, Pagan myth and Metal, binding them together. 'Tis a song that's impossibly smooth and energetic, inviting glorious visions of flames spreading across an autumn bed of dry leaves. Gleipnir is swift, but it radiates energy to the last beat.

Adrian Von Ziegler's a composer who paints pictures and tells stories with his music. His skills with the Celtic flute, drums, electric guitars and a miscellany of instruments brews up this masterpiece of a tune, that brings no needs for lyrics.

The rhythm speaks it all.

Here with Me - Dido

Song: Here with Me
Artist: Dido
Album: No Angel

Sounds familiar? You might have heard it from the well known TV series, Roswell. It was the opening song of the TV series. When I first heard it, I knew I have to look it up on the internet. I must say that Dido did wonders to this magical song. As beautiful as it is, it never fails to amaze me.

The sentimental lyrics sung with her angelic voice makes it worthwhile listening to this song. The piano significantly colours this song, adding more textures to the song and fits perfectly alongside her wonderful yet intriguing vocals.

This song definitely needs more publicity.

Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot

Song: Can You Tell
Artist: Ra Ra Riot
Album: The Rhumb Line

A fluid rock motion song with cool thumps from the drums, this song is about a man's crush towards a girl and waiting ever patiently for the her answer, hoping that it would be positive. The song is extremely sweet and seems to be like a simple and somewhat typical love story. It tells its message straight; the man wants the woman. And he sings for her love.

The introduction of the strings and the percussion is an awe inducing entrance to the song. The lyrics are fairly simple and catchy, and one would feel like singing along with it on the first listen. The tune would easily hook one into the song, filled with happiness and joy on a bright new day, especially with the electric guitar and strings streaming beautifully at the chorus. The vocals have a sort of chillness that lends itself to the bright mood of the song.

The song itself can be very addictive, as it can bring a sort of sweet wonder in one's hearts. One song to sing to win girls' hearts.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vienna - Billy Joel

Song: Vienna
Artist: Billy Joel
Album: The Stranger

When I first heard this song in the movie '13 going on 30', I thought it was amazing and so I looked it up in the internet. Well, I'm glad I did because this melodically charming piece is one of the songs in the 1970s that shouldn't be missed.

What's more is that the lyrics of the song carries a deep meaning too. When he went to Vienna to visit his father, he was very impressed by the respect given to the elders while the elders in his country were treated very badly. Hence, he wrote this song to tell people that we have time to achieve our dreams and need not rush to achieve them because we should value the journey to our dreams and shouldn't fear of old age. Thus, 'Vienna waits for you'.

On the whole, the younger generation should give this song a go.

Hurt - Christina Aguilera

Song: Hurt
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Album: Back to Basics

Love-Hate is the theme that revolves around the song. Aguilera belted a beautiful song that reflects the intricacy when one loses someone they'd love to hate, all while hating themselves for loving. The instrumentals are dramatic, but not enough to drown Aguilera's powerful (vocal)cords of steel.

Hurt unfolds an unsettled tale, with hints thrown every here and there. "And I've hurt myself, for hurting you,"with its muted, high-esque pitch exposes a certain vulnerability, while the rest of the song displayed the rage, anger, confusion and, obviously, the hurt.

The verses "You told me how proud you were, but I walked away." was was slowly displaced with "Sometimes I wanna call you, but I know you won't be there.", shifting the perception one first had, giving an illusion that both sides, as human as they are, had succumbed to sweet vengeance.

The end of a long blame game, this song is. A pulchritudinous one, at that.

Monday, March 26, 2012

You Can Always Long For May - Sophie Zelmani

Song: You Can Always Long For May
Artist:Sophie Zelmani
Album: I'm The Rain

     A soulful, melancholic, slightly South American-styled song that calms the mind in slow and gentle lyrics. A theme about dissuading a friend or a loved one not to go into the ways of the man she longs for. Oddly, it can kinda seem seducing yet warm at the same time. 

     The song brings the depressive mood into the limelight as the female soul is advised not to follow the man and even he doesn't want her to follow, though for reasons unknown. It may be just May tricking her, as written eloquently in the lyrics.

      The song is quite silently, only accompanied by guitar, bass and the vocals. The tunes played out work out a magic of its own by creating an evening scenery at a villa on a hill, with exquisite gardens surrounding the place, with the sunlight piercing all the openings, creating shadows everywhere. The seductive and blissful voice of Sophie adds up magnificently in the track, creating a lovely visage of a wandering mystic.

     Throw in the sultry, slow guitar strings, the moody bass and the enticing, amorous vocals and what would you get? A wonderful work of art that is this song.

Like a Song - Lenka

Song: Like a Song
Artist: Lenka
Album: Lenka

You could say that this song is haunting and creepy yet underneath its melancholic and dark mood it is actually calm and soothing. Her voice created this ghostly, dreamy effect which suits the song very well and gives the song its tranquility.

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, this song might be the cure for you! Though the minorly melodic tune, it has this peculiar sleeping pill effect when you listen to it. But before you know it, you would be sleeping already! I know I did!

Overall, this song is nothing less than her hit song 'The Show' if you would give it a chance.

Shelter - The xx

Song: Shelter
Artist: The xx
Album: xx

I fell in love with this song, Shelter when I first listened to the rendition Birdy(Jasmine van den Bogaerde) sang, but it booked a place in my playlist after I heard the original version by The xx.

The song is all lyrics and vocals, which makes it a song impossible for many mainstream artists to pull off. 'Tis a song that gave me the guilty pleasure of gentle intrusion into a creative soul's private monologue. Shelter's exquisite, muted tones, furnished it a still-life sort of feel and the lack of any dramatic,strong emotions gave the song its beauty.

Birdy did the world a favour with her rendition of this song, morphing it into something more mainstream, introducing it to the mass society, but it felt a little too theatrical when compared to the original, especially for lyrics as tender as "Please teach me gently, how to breathe."

Shelter's an elegant song that's a polar opposite to the more melodramatic, loud tunes out there, though 'tis one that could give them all a run for their money.

A Wish For Something More - Amy Macdonald

Song: A Wish For Something More
Artist: Amy Macdonald
Album: This Is The Life

An intriguing song about longing for love from a friend. Jumps the heart softly in maniacal rhythms.    Interesting play of guitar and keyboard that combines to form a very indie, soft rock style of music.   A very lonely yet energy filled theme. Lonely energy, if you can call it, powers the song like an electric plug.

The lyrics are beautifully and sweetly invented. The rhythm and the vocals truly shine in this song. The high notes pull my hairs(in a good way) every time. Like a warm sense of love from Amy. Very sad yet soothing at the same time. Makes you feel like you're in the complicated situation and wondering what you would do with it.

Vocals, rhythm and accompaniment all work in harmony to produce a song with a seemingly forlorn yet strong hope. Can get addicting once you hear it once or twice.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fools Like Me - Vanessa Carlton

Song: Fools Like Me
Artist: Vanessa Carlton
Album: Heroes & Thieves

This is yet another often overlooked masterpiece by the clearly underrated Vanessa Carlton. Underneath its gorgeous melodic structure is a rather honest sad song. This song generally discusses how 'fools' love unconditionally and ignore the problems in their relationship until it falters. She, however did not regret putting her trust in her relationship even though her relationship ended badly.

The vocals used in the song is rather creative. I love how she uses her smoky low range at the end of each verse to emphasize on the perils of being too naive in a relationship. The way she uses her rare and unique falsetto during the bridge gives the song the climax it needed. Besides, the piano and violin made a harmonious blend alongside her vocals.

Bottom line, this song is indeed a beautiful sing-along song and deserves a chance to be heard!

Jump! - Two Steps From Hell

Song: Jump!
Artist: Two Steps From Hell
Album: Power of Darkness

A beastly song from a powerful orchestra. This track brings vigorous strength throughout the song. Combining both the energy of the electric guitar and the fluidity of the violins, violas and cellos, it certainly blows your mind away. Adrenaline rushing, heart pounding and awe inducing, this song creates a theme of an extreme adventure of jumping off something, possibly a cliff. 

The instruments blend in very well. The melodies both enticing and sturdy, they radiate off a magnanimous power that pushes the boundaries of the music. The song steadily and magnificently builds up, with the string instruments leading the charge. Then come the halt at the bridge, where the melodies become slow, alluring and sorrowful. Then, the song bursts again into the main theme.

Loud and commanding, epic can't even describe this. Recommended to hear this to raise your spirits or morale in any battle.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Theme from Schindler's List - Itzhak Perlman

Song: Theme from Schindler's List
Artist: Itzhak Perlman
Album: Schindler's List(soundtrack)

'Theme from Schindler's List' is an auditory eargasm. 'Tis a lovechild of the legendary Itzhak Perlman and John Williams, the man who's the second most nominated individual in the Academy Awards.

The music leads you off to a ride like no other, rendering you speechless, coaxing your eyelids down, shutting out every other sense, creating a need, deep within, that urges one to grasp the luscious tunes between your hands... only to let it flow through your fingers.

An enticing balance between the rich,the seductive,the smooth and the vibrant, these tunes seeps deep into one's awareness, embedding itself, filling and spreading throughout one's consciousness. The effort behind this score is recognised with every sway, whisper and vibration, for this definitely isn't something haphazardly placed together.

No, 'tis the femme fatale of its kind, this score is. It commands your senses and manipulates one to feel the way it wants you to feel, bringing you along its chase, ensnaring your wits and rendering you paradise.

A beautiful experience.

Work of Art - Rachel Platten

Song: Work of Art
Artist: Rachel Platten
Album: Be Here

Need another catchy song? Well, this might be the song you're looking for! The flowing notes of the piano keys will have your heart set on getting more of this! This song shines in its very own way with its delightful yet fancy upbeat that makes you want to dance along with it!

The melody of the song has been well sung by Rachel Platten with her voice of impeccable clarity. Her angelic falsetto colours the chorus beautifully in this, otherwise lively and animated song while the climax of the song took a groovy turn into a simple yet appealing repetitive melody.

Overall, this is one merry song that should not be missed.

I Feel It All - Feist

Song: I Feel It All
Artist: Feist
Album: The Reminder

Quirky and fun-filled, this song brings about the best in people. It's a lively folk song that can raise the spirits of people who are down. Heck, it may even influence them to start jamming and dancing anywhere. It has a simplistic theme that is very down to earth. One can easily ease off with this song.

Ironically, the lyrics may seem pretty sad, as they are about the downfalls of relationships. Extraordinarily, the happy and mellow music due blend in pretty well with the lyrics. It works. The  vocals are earthy, crispy and elegant in their own ways. The xylophone plays a big role in the song, and adds colour to the already beautiful song.

I Feel It All is an intriguing irony that kinda mixes in emotions of the polar opposites. Really interesting take on the song's structure.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert

Song: The House That Built Me
Artist: Miranda Lambert
Album: Revolution

"Won't take nothing but a memory, from The House that Built Me." Lambert croons as she spills her childhood tale, all revolving around her first house. It isn't often for one to look back at memories based on a building, but this song gave that house a life it never knew it possessed.

'Tis a rustic country song, accompanied by the simple strums of a classic guitar and the faint strains of other possible string instruments. Lambert's charming Southern accent adds texture to the song itself, and her edgy, deep vocals enhances everything by tenfold.

I wouldn't call this song the best country song out there, but 'tis a song that reflects the countries in a contemporary manner, making it the perfect introduction for a fledgling who's yet to stray into this side of the music world.

Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye feat. Kimbra

Song: Somebody That I Used To Know
Artist: Gotye featuring Kimbra
Album: Making Mirrors

It was the catchy, whimsical rhythm that caught my attention, but a hint of raw emotions embedded deep in the tune that kept me coming for again and again... and again.

The vocals were an intriguing blend of the rich and the rough from Gotye, while Kimbra delivered a crystal like sweetness in the midst of it all, adding a twist to the entire song, both vocally and lyrically. This Aussie creation features both side of the sticky end in a relationship, and it packs a punch with it all.

"Now you're just Somebody That I Used To Know" he ends with, followed by dimmed vocals which invites all those memories of stale silences when one craved a rich conversation, the familiarity replaced with awkwardness, the sweet longing of wishing things would go back to where it began, once upon a fairy tale.

Songs sometimes enhances a certain mood, but this one creates the mood itself. Its neutral beginning, the shocker of a climax, the capricious vocals and simplistic lyrics created the perfect song, I dare say.

The Lonely - Christina Perri

Song: The Lonely
Artist: Christina Perri
Album: lovestrong

Sometimes the recipe for a melancholic song is simply a blend of chillingly powerful vocals accompanied by the haunting strains of a piano. That's what this song's all about.

The song flits ever-so-simply between a classic medley of helplessness, sorrow and rage, birthing the perfect tune for dangerous moods, delivering the longing for torrential rains, crashing thunderstorms and electrifying lightnings. An Absinthe cocktail, this song is, when compared to the light beer of another breakup song, though one could say this song may be a lil' too strong for one's liking. Dramatic, loud, 'tis silence screaming quite vocally.

"Then you go and let The Lonely in, to take my heart again," gives grace to what one might consider the most lowest act of mankind. 'Tis not the song I listen to every day or so, God forbid, no. Instead one feed on this song, very much like a starved man would on their most dangerous moods.

Indulgent vocals, decadent rhythms, zesty lyrics complimented with a matching tempo. Can one ask for any more... or perhaps 'tis something that could use a little watering-down? You decide.

Ezio's Family - Jesper Kyd

Song: Ezio's Family
Artist: Jesper Kyd
Album: Assassin's Creed II: Original Soundtrack

As striking as the game itself, this song has been cleverly arranged to the extent that it reveals a hidden story under its alluring melody throughout the track. It begins with a simple yet pleasing rhythm and ascends into a beautiful and majestic piece towards its glorious and victorious end.

In addition, Melissa Kaplan did a wonderful job with her siren-like falsetto which adds significant dreamy effect to the song. The magical melody made by the bowing of the string instruments and the ambient vocals of the choir are some other salient features of this song.

On the whole, this brilliantly composed piece does not need words to describe its beauty but ears to listen to its melodic and charming arrangement.

Life in Mono - Mono

Song: Life in Mono
Artist: Mono
Album: Life in Mono EP

A great combination of electronic sounds and an eerily haunting, sweat inducing voice is what this song is. A sort of sentimental piece that can linger in one's mind for a indefinite amount of time. It leaves an echo or an aftertaste of sadness or sympathy. Stirs the heart with insecurity too.

The word ingenue is fleshed out with such emphasis. Ingenue can mean so much, from innocent, beautiful, sweet, gentle to naive and often times in physical or emotional danger. Such a word leaves much of an afterthought that causes people to think. An intriguing weave of words, together with the cool, relaxing vocals make an excellent track that is subtle yet complex at the same time.

Interesting and slightly amorous at the same time. Really puts one into thinking about relationships.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

In A Bar - Tango With Lions

Song: In A Bar
Artist: Tango With Lions
Album: Verba Time

A bluesy tune suitable for being a background song in a classic bar. Slow, steady rhythm with the piano paints out a picture of a lazy evening, with a number of people sitting on stools and booths, drinking and gulping down their beverages. The voice has a sort of soulful, spirited manner that can easily allure any listener's ears.

The lyrics are set out in a straight forward manner, and they have a significant impact on the overall feel of the song. A lonely woman in the bar, looking for a friend. The word that says the person trying to see others who are as lonely as her strikes some sort of thought. A longing for others who share the same emptiness.

All in all, this song brings out a classic jazz/blue like theme that colours the songs beautifully in undoubted ways. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Don't Think About You Anymore But, I Don't Think About You Any Less - Hungry Ghosts

Song: I Don't Think About You Anymore But, I Don't Think About You Any Less
Artist: Hungry Ghosts
Album: Alone, Alone

A vibrant instrumental that is reminiscent to the old days in a lounge room, where one would light up a cigar and slowly sip a glass of whiskey as they look out of the windows into the darkening scenery. Boats would slowly drift by the waters at the canals as the lamp posts start to flicker with light. 

The violins successfully create a heavy, unsettling mood as if you're walking along the streets in Vienna in the dark. Sexy, sultry and hair raising, this song really flirts with the listener to walk into the illusion without as much of an argument. 

It's elegant and sophisticated in its own way. A truly dark and lingering venture into the heart.

Theater Island - Sóley

Song: Theater Island
Artist: Sóley
Album: Theater Island

A quirky, enchanting song that can sweep one up into the night sky and enjoy a view of the constellations and bright, beautiful stars. This song has a dark classical mood that causes one to imagine all the unknown beauty that our world has. It has a feeling of a deeper version of Alice in Wonderland.

Whimsical and dreamy, this song has the clean and light flutters and movements of the piano, which adds to the appeal. Combined with Sóley's laid back and gentle voice, this song really floats like a cottony cloud. It was as if that you can just sit and listen all day without worrying about the troubles that you face and watch time just flow by, like a stream.

Once the song ends, so does the magical journey within Sóley's world. The brilliant, soft touches of the piano combined with the light percussions and Sóley's voice create a sense of elegance in this song.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Burn Bridges - The Grates

Song: Burn Bridges
Artist: The Grates

Album: Teeth Lost, Hearts Won

Energy as lively and ecstatic as Mika and Lily Allen  is successfully churned out from this song. Bright and bubbly, this track brings you on a whimsical journey through the band's elated and happy-go-lucky mood. The unique Aussie accent adds up to the song's novelty.

It's has the school's out or spring break feeling that makes me wanna run out to the nearest swimming pool or beach and dive into the waters and feel the coolness rush in and envelop my body. A great song to dance to with your friends in the bedroom. The lyrics and rhythm are catchy, and are kinda cheerleader-ish, in a good way.

Lovely and exciting track that would want to make you jump on your beds and play air guitar. Ideal track for any summer or when you're in a fiery and crazy mood.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Siren - Tori Amos

Hey guys, starting from now I will be writing a review for one song in my playlist every Saturday/Sunday. This will be my first.

Song: Siren
Artist: Tori Amos
Album: Great Expectations (Movie Soundtrack)

A very blood-rushing track that flows the veins thoroughly with emotions. Feelings of ardent anger or dedication with a tingle of lust. The power driven percussion and the vibrant piano notes in this song are, safe to say, sophisticated and wonderful. 

The zealous passion of the vocals by Tori Amos fires up this song akin to a torrent of anger boiling in a cauldron. Sexy in its own way, the track's lyrics of the troubles or sins of a woman are swift and cut throat in a way. The song builds up indefinitely as it progresses, with its choruses being the empowering climaxes of the song. I was left quelled with an unfinished hunger for more.

What really pulled me was Tori's voice. She really had fire, soul and heart put into this song. All in all, this song leaks out energy as soon as it is played. Excellent track to get your heart pumping feverishly.

Soldier - Ingrid Michaelson

Song: Soldier
Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Album: Everybody

This heartfelt song about a hardened person who opened up to love, but still questioned the validity of it. Can there be true love at all? The person endures the journey to discover whether he or she will triumph the 'battle with the heart'.

The introduction was enough to catch me on. With the sultry and slightly young vocals of Ingrid, she successfully swings a hit with the song. The violin and guitar accompaniment work beautifully with each other to produce such a fine tune. A suitable analogy, describing the person as a soldier and comparing the search for love as a battle that can't be easily won.

Sentimental and magical all the way. Personal experience exquisitely described. She pins the message hard into the heart with this song.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Can't Buy Love - Lotus Child

Song: Can't Buy Love
Artist: Lotus Child

An awesome indie rock track with a retro vibe by the now defunct Canadian band, Lotus Child. The song is thoroughly addictive and makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Strangely, this band kinda reminds me of Muse.

A song of mixed emotions with an overall slightly dark veil over the song, the accompaniment springs out a moody feel that stirs the heart. The vocals have a kind of indie, raw and youthful strength that bring out the best from this song, although the ending can seem a little bit abrupt.

An overall good track that deserves a listen or two. It's a shame that this band has already disbanded.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sixteen Saltines - Jack White

Song: Sixteen Saltines
Artist: Jack White
Album: Blunderbuss

A new single from Jack White. His garage style rock has never failed to disappoint. Energizing and ecstatic, this song speaks about teenage romance and how messy it always is.

With his unique vocals he certainly stands out from the crowd of rockers. The strums of the electric guitar slightly reminiscent to his old band, Hardest Button to Button, a big hit back then. Adrenaline pumping energy pulsing and vibrating combined with catchy lyrics truly present this song magnificently.

A great addition to the list of signature songs by Jack White. His signature style really sets him apart from a lot of musicians, which only tends to uplift him more.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

Song: I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie

Album: Plans

Fantastically tear wrenching, this song is about the will for a man to remain by his love's side even after death and follow her into the dark. Simple but powerful, this track really brings the heart out of you.

The words 'Love of mine, someday you will die' were a remarkable opening. Plain, simple and straight to the point. The love and bond between the man and the woman was truly endearing, especially from the certainty of the man that he would always be by her side, life or death, heaven or hell.

Kudos to the songwriter for the moving lyrics that truly struck a chord in the hearts of listeners. A must-listen to all the couples out there. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Great White Bear - Dear Reader

Song: Great White Bear
Artist: Dear Reader
Album: Replace Why With Funny

An intrinsic and deep song among indie-pop that weaves a dark and gloomy story of a forbidden love. This song somehow radiates the idea of a forlorn hope, with even themes of foolhardiness and bravery.

The song tells the tale of a couple running away from the woman's father to begin life anew. The 'Great White Bear' was an interesting analogy for the danger the couple were in. Then, the song sweeps us into the chase of the father for his daughter. In the end, the daughter's lover eventually took a bullet, but the thought of the her not giving him up and leaving was truly earnest and touching.

Such plays of illusions of hope and happiness along with the raw emotion of the lead vocal's voice truly create a sort of realism in this song.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fairweather Friends - Vanessa Carlton


Song: Fairweather Friends
Artist: Vanessa Carlton
Album: Rabbits On The Run

Remember when Vanessa Carlton with her hit single "A Thousand Miles" back in 2002? She has returned with ROTR, her latest album and her voice has matured greatly indeed. Lovely piano melodies accompany her personal tale through a journey rife with struggles, relationships and regrets.

The lyrics are magically enchanting and, along with the subtle yet alluring accompaniment, forms an image of a light, slightly dreamy mood. It feels like crossing a bridge with a car at night, with a light drizzle and a breeze blowing through the air.

The piece has that perspective of relationships written down so impeccably. Overall, it's a lovely tune to hear especially when you're pondering your thoughts on life at night.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Where I Belong - Sia

Song: Where I Belong
Artist: Sia

Album: Colour the Small One

One of the songs I've found about recently. It's hooked me up for a while and I've decided to share it with you guys. This song evokes the moment of solidarity and regret for me. It's as if the song has a longing, a desire for a shattered love, an imperfect relationship.

The song has a slow, steady albeit abit lazy going throughout the track. It's as if waking up from a hangover in the bed with the sunlight bathing your face. That feeling of emptiness that you couldn't care less. Like in a lazy afternoon where you'd just relax and sip a cup of coffee.

Not a bad track to listen to. One plus is the effortless, kind of jazzy manner in which Sia sings.

Delirious - Mario Spinetti

Song: Delirious
Artist: Mario Spinetti

Such a funny, funny way. This song, however, is no laughing matter. One could easily say that the song is an intense ride of vocals and caressing voices that can fill your head with baffling emotions at ease.

The beginning has a personal and close-up thrill to the heart. Then it slowly builds up in a hauntingly beautiful way. When the beat boxing kicks in, one would notice that it evolves into a funk-pop, hip hop and modern amalgamation. The bridge or, I would say, the breaking down is like a grandiose celebration for the existence of a soul.

The chilling voice somehow reminiscent to church choirs on a Sunday morning and all the other sounds blend in relatively well. All in all, the song is one delicately crafted work of art.

Strangeness and Charm - Florence + The Machine

Song: Strangeness and Charm
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Album: Ceremonials (Deluxe Edition)

Strangeness and Charm is addictive, intoxicating and heart pulsing. Never have I heard a song with so many references to Science before, and that is one of the beautiful and quirky features of this song. From words like hydrogen, chemicals, equations, catalysts to elements, volatile, static and atom, even the title is actually a reference to two flavours of quarks: strange and charm.

It's like a love between two atoms bouncing off in a rhythmic and wild sense with the rest of the particles drifting madly in the air. An ideal love song for two scientists falling in love with each other and feeling like strutting off in the dance floor.

As soon as I listened to this song, I felt a sort of euphoria and chaotic goodness in my heart and mind. It made me wanna run to the nearest store and buy tapping shoes, fly off into space and, without any prior experience of tap dancing or, for that matter, astronomy, dance(even though it sounds pretty impossible). I felt so ridiculously in love with this song and Florence Welch for her amazing and powerful vocals at that time.

Imagination really ran wild with this song, and it ran for miles, if not light years. Looking forward for more of Florence + The Machine in the future. 

Edward is Dedward - Emmy the Great

Song: Edward is Dedward
Artist: Emmy the Great
Album: Edward EP

I would like to share a heart warming yet sorrowful song by Emmy the Great, a London-based singer-songwriter from the Edward EP. This song nearly crumbled me into tears with its simple yet moving lyrics that paints a picture that shows the scenes of a friend's tragedy. She narrates the story about a girl who moves on with her life after the death of her close friend(or possibly lover) named Edward possibly due to suicide.

There were a few heartfelt moments in the song where I actually felt depressed for her. Like in the lyrics,
'I never thought your threats would come good, You never did what you said you would' It would be painstaking to learn that you were actually warned about the suicide of your friends and took it lightly.

This song actually made me wonder what if one of my friends suicide. Could I have been the cause of it? Could I have done anything to stop it? It made me learn to put aside petty differences and love and cherish my close ones more.

The whole journey through this song left me in a state of calmness and gratefulness with a tinge of melancholy in my heart. It made me want to reach out and hug my best friends and say thank you for existing, that I love them just the way they are.

Overall, this song is an excellent and lovely piece of work and it made me wish that I could interview Emma herself and ask her what actually inspired her to write this song. 

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