Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here - Kari Jobe

Song: Here
Artist: Kari Jobe
Album: Where I Find You

Simplicity and sophistication lounge in wedded bliss in the midst of the chords and strains, a subtle hint of a lullaby flowing along the soothing vocals, a hideaway of a song, Here is.

Heavy, clean touches of piano sets a slow, languid mood, enhanced by a thousandfold from the ethereal quality in Jobe's voice, exhaling each word with tenderness, each swivel and fall in the note exhibiting an endearing quality, unlike anything else I've listened to.

The strings tiptoe along the song, accompanying the strengthening vocals, camouflaging into the background, occasionally giving a hint or two of its presence. I adore the way Jobe controls her vocals to deliver emotions with exquisite precision, sincerity intact.

Heavy Christian influence's in the lyrics, but the overall effect's rather subtle, giving off the vibe of an acoustic-ballad or pop with a Zen-esque quality, rather than something distastefully coercing or forceful.

"Breathe in.."

And enjoy.


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