Monday, September 17, 2012

Single Of The Week : Icarus

Song: Icarus
Artist: The Staves featuring Keaton Henson

Ethereal with a touch of mystic revolving around the harmonising voices, a deep sense of longing echoes through the rustic, rich notes of the guitar. Rhythms calm and steady, lightly singing along with the voices exhibiting unique character.

Icarus. The man who flew too close to the sun, to eventually tumble down to his death. Luscious strums serenade the desirous syllables, contrasting with the higher pitches of the vocals that owns a deeper base, building towards a passionate chorus, both lively and mournful like summer's funeral.

"They're only words, don't have to shout to be heard."

The Staves, a trio, sisters who're best expressed as the midpoint between folk and rock pairs well with Henson, a more haunting, melodious one, giving Icarus layers and layers of finely melded sounds, ranging from a lullaby-like air to something startlingly rock-esque(albeit it being a rather faint undertone), allowing different lights to fall on both the Stavely-Taylor sisters and Henson.

And different lights creates a soothing kaleidoscope in colours of the merry, mourning fall, going well with the sombre mood when the mind feasts on nothing but dejected and hopeless dreams.

(Icarus can be downloaded free from the link:


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