Monday, September 17, 2012

Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars

Song: Poison & Wine
Artists: The Civil Wars
Album: Barton Hollow

Tastefully turbulent, there's tension titillating through the throes of this timeless tune.

A heady concoction of a sound, 'tis organic, crisp and flavoursome, simmering with undertones of superfluous passion underlining love and hate, integrating dexterously on the auditory palate. Accentuating the beautifully contrasting vocals with the guitar and the piano, a delicious country-folk vibe is delivered in the relatively plain composition, leaving the limelight free for the emotion-rich vocals.

"Your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine. You think your dreams are the same as mine."

Exquisite lyrics, both simple and passionate reverberate within the auditory canals, unfolding the tale of two, in a relationship. Endearing with a touch of truth, the theme of conflicting relationships revolves around the words, starting off carefully, treading dangerous lines only to let loose in the chorus, where each line feels different although s'posedly meaning the same. The train of clashing and combating melodies eventually reaches a harmonious finale, the gurgling cauldron of a song calmed to a simmer.

Poison & Wine magnifies space and time at its end, leaving everything seemingly still and silent in comparison. A vial of the heady and deadly.

(An album, compiling some of their best tunes, performed live at Eddie's Attic can be downloaded free from the link:


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