Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Heart Is Refusing Me - Loreen

Song: My Heart Is Refusing Me
Artist: Loreen
Album: Healed

My Heart is Refusing Me has energy ricocheting off the notes as Loreen whispers them, straining chords beautifully melding into an eargasmic climax with catchy beats and rich tones.

This is the song one feels their sinoatrial node synching with, the song inspiring a thousand brilliant choreography, movements blurring one's eyes as sweat trickles, breaths torn away ragged, the body possessed with a rhythm that both morphs and drains energy. This song, will allow one to witness the birth of a beautiful dance tune.

"I've been crushed, beaten down."

The lyrics isn't something I'd like to scream about, them being simplistic and brash, hinting raw.'Tis the light touch of electric instrumentals and a hint of strings bring the song to another level, psyched with solid beats, pumping life, soul and energy through the tune. The Swedish beauty's amazing vocals, deep and luscious, sends electrifying syllables down one's ear, especially when she belts, deep into the core where the catchy tunes reign.

I'd love to hear this song in an empty room, blaring from the speakers, bouncing off the walls. Beauteous.


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