Sunday, September 9, 2012

Breathe Me - Sia

Song: Breathe Me
Artist: Sia
Album: Colour The Small One

Yearning spills off the minimalist-esque rhythm, achieving a melancholic state of need that matches the grey bits and pieces in one's head.

Sia's throaty vocals adds dimension to the tune, contrasting with the smooth, near-silent violins and constant light rhythm, the song gaining energy from the sombre air it delivers, swirling around like a new mood, weightless and feather-like, but powerful enough to influence a shift of mood.

Beginning with the ever-underestimated piano, gently crawling into louder and more garish states, Breathe Me leaves no space for Dreary or Boredom, ever shifting, morphing and changing into something more interesting, pauses inducing anticipation, coaxing the mind to follow the magnitudes exhaled by the music.

"Hurt myself again today. And the worse part is there's no one else to blame."

Sia crafts a spell inducing one to sink into the indulgence and bliss that lies within the whirlpool of self-pity in one's mind, then slowly coaxing one from the cocoon of comfort into something bigger, brighter with a touch of brilliance. Different, from the usual 'tough love' delivered in motivational-esque songs, this one slides smoothly into the system, altering it with care.

Worth a listen.


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