Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1901 - Birdy

Song: 1901
Artist: Birdy
Album: Birdy

"For a minute though, I couldn't tell how to fall out."

Birdy takes a song, strips off every layer that tune's boasted, understanding the music, eventually casting her charm on it, eternalising it, making it uniquely hers.

Each of us claim a song for our own, 'tis just our degree of claim that varies. Birdy, truly owns each tune she lets slip by her lips. Along with her signature piano, a lovely addition to almost every one of her tune, she alters the rhythm to match her style, giving it a contemporary, slow beat.

Emitting rustic beauty and a touch of playful, each word's accentuated with depth and class, echoing the hollow melancholy that was once in. Extracting the story from within, she matches the instrumentals to them while working her vocals to counter-balance both the modern and the retro to reach a quirky equilibrium.

Wise beyond her age(or so it seems), she sings, she listens and she performs to delight the next man. The aesthetics in music's polished, packaged with care, naive' in more senses than one but determined.

One should listen.


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