Monday, July 30, 2012

Dark Mainstream Tunes

Like the very next man, I'm guilty of my mainstream picks,(none too often, though). Here's to the more simpler and darker aspect of music, blaring down the speakers, exciting minds in its most barest melancholic sweetness. 

Song: Lithium
Artists: Evanescence

Amy Lee haunts the air surrounding one, drawing all warmth and passion into her song, delivering delicious, harsh cold pleasure in the form of the first element in Group 1 of the Periodic Table. Lithium. 

Song: Titanium
Artists: Sia feat. David Guetta

Synths and Sia works very fine together. The song's all energy, heavily accented with strength, the syllables curved with groove unlike any other. Smooth, Titanium excites the blood, and when she belts, boy, can she raise the fine hairs. 

Song: Love The Way You Lie(Part II)
Artist: Rihanna

Tumultuous, disastrous relationships compressed into words, given a touch of melancholy and rap, rage spewing from all corners, Rihanna does Skylar Grey's lyrics justice, executing the tune with rugged grace. Lovely. 

Song: Chasing Pavements
Artist: Adele
'Tis an Adele tune. Rich melody, amazing vocals with a hint of throaty sexiness, there's no rhyme or reason for adoring this song, replaying it over and over. One just does it without question. 

Song: Jar of Hearts
Artist: Christina Perri

Sensually slow, melancholy etched in every strain, Perri enthrals misery in this tune, delivering a power-filled song with infinite finesse', making the Jar of Hearts, a favourite of mine on the occasional dark times. 


Anonymous said...

Joey chatted with you earlier but we got disconnected. Had a fun conversation! Sorry we got split up! Thanks for all the great suggestions on music. Hope to chat you up soon. Enjoy "Another Space Song".

Asha B. said...

Thanks. LOVE 'Another Space Song'! Might be my latest addiction, there. :)

Anonymous said...

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