Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Acquired Tastes

Not everything comes naturally to one. Music's one of those things, I s'pose. It takes time to understand, enjoy, adore, revere and despise. These are the few genres one ought to give a decent shot to, before tossing it off the windows.

1. Folk

Folk's my latest auditory addiction. 'Tis more like one reading poetry with a tune, rhythm and beat. Organic, rustic with infinite depth and meanings, these songs latches itself unto the kindred spirit, feeding itself off, syllable by luscious syllable until 'tis embodied. A different music experience altogether.

Do check out the folk songs we've lost our hearts to.


2. Instrumentals

Lyrics do get overrated at times when the music speaks for itself. Often people link classical music to instrumental, but it needn't necessarily be such. Instead, it could be anything ranging from Pagan Metal to Orchestra-Rock fusion that allows music to share its truest form and language with the world.

Give our pretty unique pick of instrumentals a shot, if you've yet to.


3. Alternative Rock

'Tis somewhere between rock and indie, this genre. Being a medley of my two favourite genres, I'm guilty of enjoying one too many tunes of this category. Be it, with a touch of psychedelic or pop, alternative rock houses a huge range, from which there's something for everyone.

Peek into our recommendations?


4. Indie Pop

If mainstream pop's just too much for your liking, Indie Pop's the way to go. Quirky, fun, energetic, rustic, melancholic, heartbreaking... indie pop's the best picks out of the charts, a paradox being both 'Independent' and 'Popular'. 'Tis more relatable, less harsh on the ears, interesting and definitely worth more than a listen. Mind, they are intoxicating.

Care for a heady list of tunes?


5. Jazz

Soulful, sassy with a spark, jazz's an underrated genre which deserves more attention. Lovely mezzo-sopranos and altos, strings and brass, this genre holds itself above the rest with its charming touch and mellow tunes, enticing the lids to close and while the mind flies along the vibrations echoing within the mind's chambers. A must hear.

If you've wanted to revamp your playlist with classy-sassy, this list's for you.




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