Friday, June 8, 2012

Music Video : Chasing Pavements

Song: Chasing Pavements
Artist: Adele
Album: 19

Dancing is one of the most physical and the most mesmerising art out there. While 'tis incorporated a whole lot in music videos, often they're just clean, elegant moves rather than something choreographed to relate exclusively to the song. This is one that has both clean, elegant moves, relates well to the song and is unique to boot.

Chasing Pavements is an awesome song, but I guess 'tis a huge favourite of mine because I really do like the video. It starts off with Adele's stunning face(her colouring is to-die-for) and moves on to two, s'posed corpses from a car crash, re-enacting their relationship, from the time they met(he returned her fallen scarf) to instances when they were apart(she was holding hands with a shadow) and the make-up(dancing together again).

'Tis interesting to watch different elements working in the choreography, from the shadows of the spectators around, the direction the stretcher's are wheeled to Adele walking around, spectating. 'Tis just... mesmerising, the way one falls to the other, working its way to the climax where everyone dances, as nonsensical that might seem.

The choreography, although seemingly simple, is quite a feat being done on the floor, especially since floor dancing isn't quite gravity's best friend. Do watch the video and give it a shot, floor dancing.


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