Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Superman - Joe Brooks

Song: Superman
Artist: Joe Brooks
Album: Constellation Me

"But I can only write this song, And tell you that I'm not that strong."
I s'pose that's the superpower singer-songwriters have. They can speak their minds off musically and everyone'd adore them.

Joe Brooks reminds me of Jason Mraz, a tad more on the pop-side with a softer, higher pitch and awesome falsettos. The song starts off with an acoustic guitar intro, giving off a very organic vibe as he croons through his lines. It gains a more pop-esque rhythm somewhere in the first chorus, and there comes the percussion, strings and the faint indie air.

Superman's about unlocking the heart's vault and spilling the contents in front of the desired one, hoping that they'd value it as much as you do. Extremely endearing, cheesy, funny... a tad catchy, perhaps. 'Tis the song you'd like to listen on a sunny day, jumping on the pavements, grooving with a cape on your back.

The lyrics paint pictures of teenage love, and all that tongue-tied frustration and waitin' and wishin', accompanied by semi acoustic instrumentals and a lil' cheek. Adorable, much?

"'Cause I'm no Superman, I hope you like me as I am."

Who wants Superman, anyways?


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