Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Video : In Your Arms

Song: In Your Arms
Artist: Kina Grannis
Album: Stairwells

22 months
1,357  hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
1 Kina Grannis jelly bean-plaster mold
1 Kina Grannis
288,000 jelly beans.

That's the ingredients for this amazing one stop animation music video made out of 2,460 individual shots that utilizes jelly bean art in some possible way. How cool is that?

In Your Arms is a lovely indie-pop song that's about being together with someone, from the place they first started off 'till a possible forever and after. Conventionally, anyone would expect Grannis and some possible guy in a cool video shot in the park or perhaps Grannis singing with her guitar in some woodsy-picturesque landscape.

But intricate jelly bean art in a one stop animation video? That's just... wow.

These intricately done shots of jelly bean art landscapes are just incredible, and they're interesting, among them a(jelly bean) caterpillar entering Grannis' ears, fluttering out a butterfly from her mouth, Grannis exploding from a case of jelly beans that was previously molded on her... none of these seemed like shots that somehow made life, jelly beans or one stop animation sound any more easier.

Hats off to Greg Jardin, the director and visionary-of-a-man behind this video... and his production team for not murdering him.


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