Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheesy Love Songs

Love song is a pretty typical thing, when it comes to music. But certain songs just bring the term love to the edge with all the fluffs and fanciful flutterbys. Since 'tis extremely indulgent, even for a love song, some associate it to cheese, one of the more indulgent components of the palate. Hence the cheesiness. Here's a list of songs I personally consider extremely cheesy. 

1. Love Story
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Fearless

It doesn't get any more fanciful. A song from Juliet urging Romeo to run away with her. The only twist(or lack thereof) is the fact that they end up married with Juliet's father's permission, in a traditional white-wedding-dress sort of ceremony and live happily ever after. Sometimes you just can't take the cheesy off Shakespeare, especially when it ends up a fanfiction with a happy ending.

2. My Heart Will Go On
Artist: Celine Dion
Album: Titanic Soundtrack

It starts with "Every night, in my dreams..." and has lines like "You're here, there's nothing I fear." 'Tis about a very forever and always sort of love, the classic undying kind. There might be a sad-esque ending in the movie, but 'tis just... love taken a tad too far, perhaps? Nonetheless, that doesn't take off the cheesy from the love song.

3. There You'll Be
Artist: Faith Hill
Album: Pearl Harbour Soundtrack

Another song that starts with someone's dreams. 'Tis another epic love story, which takes place during the Pearl Harbour attack by the Japanese in the World War II. Another disaster, another undying love and a tearjerker of a story. Somehow everything just adds to the surreal feel of the song. Hence, cheesy.

4. I Will Always Love You
Artist: Whitney Houston
Album: The Bodyguard Soundtrack

I'm definitely skeptical when it comes to words such as 'Always' and 'Love' strung together in the same sentence. I suppose one can love with such magnitude, but it usually happens in Hollywood and they cut it to the credits before the love-doves have their first quarrel. I mean, there MUST be one instance where you've wished you could strangle them barehanded. A little too optimistic of a love = Cheesy.

5. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
Artist: Diana Ross
Album: The Force Behind the Power

The song is filled, line after line with cliche'd romantic stuff. Hold someone close under the rain. Check. Kiss one's smile. Check. Knowing beautiful by looking at someone. Check. Apart from that, there's candles, there're stars and Westlife covered the song. Need I say anything more? Apart from Cheesy that is.


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