Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cradled In Love - Poets Of The Fall

Song: Cradled In Love
Artist: Poets of the Fall
Album: Temple of Thought

Marko Saaresto has amazing vocals, ludicurously smooth, melding beautifully with the clean, rustically modern instrumentals, vibing a lullaby and a 90's love song. 'Tis oddly consuming, Cradled in Love, gently rocking one into a monumental journey, shrouded with the gentlest kiss of mystery.

Poets of the Fall mesmerises the audience with their dramatic notes, theatrically gorgeous with touches of rock. Paced well, 'tis unfolded with the breath of torrential winds and the sound of heels echoing on the floor,  doors creaking before a burst of warmth spills through from the soft-rock strums, steady and clean along with Saaresto's beautiful voice.

"So don't cry for your love, cry tears of joy. Cos you're alive, cradled in love."

His falsetto, breathing each word sends chills through, intertwining with his more deeper edged tone... 'tis a medley of variety for the ears. The eyelids yearn to close at instances, gently swaying with invisible winds, steady beats of percussion embracing the being, sending one's heart in pirouettes all the same.

Lyrically, Cradled in Love is simpler than its predecessors, speaking of a blue-eyed beauty, painting a love story. 'Tis kept figurative yet simple, relatable to most whilst holding intimacy, Poets of the Fall truly are deserving of the title 'Poet', one whom enthralls and entertains with words.

Highly underrated, extremely good.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here - Kari Jobe

Song: Here
Artist: Kari Jobe
Album: Where I Find You

Simplicity and sophistication lounge in wedded bliss in the midst of the chords and strains, a subtle hint of a lullaby flowing along the soothing vocals, a hideaway of a song, Here is.

Heavy, clean touches of piano sets a slow, languid mood, enhanced by a thousandfold from the ethereal quality in Jobe's voice, exhaling each word with tenderness, each swivel and fall in the note exhibiting an endearing quality, unlike anything else I've listened to.

The strings tiptoe along the song, accompanying the strengthening vocals, camouflaging into the background, occasionally giving a hint or two of its presence. I adore the way Jobe controls her vocals to deliver emotions with exquisite precision, sincerity intact.

Heavy Christian influence's in the lyrics, but the overall effect's rather subtle, giving off the vibe of an acoustic-ballad or pop with a Zen-esque quality, rather than something distastefully coercing or forceful.

"Breathe in.."

And enjoy.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars

Song: Poison & Wine
Artists: The Civil Wars
Album: Barton Hollow

Tastefully turbulent, there's tension titillating through the throes of this timeless tune.

A heady concoction of a sound, 'tis organic, crisp and flavoursome, simmering with undertones of superfluous passion underlining love and hate, integrating dexterously on the auditory palate. Accentuating the beautifully contrasting vocals with the guitar and the piano, a delicious country-folk vibe is delivered in the relatively plain composition, leaving the limelight free for the emotion-rich vocals.

"Your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine. You think your dreams are the same as mine."

Exquisite lyrics, both simple and passionate reverberate within the auditory canals, unfolding the tale of two, in a relationship. Endearing with a touch of truth, the theme of conflicting relationships revolves around the words, starting off carefully, treading dangerous lines only to let loose in the chorus, where each line feels different although s'posedly meaning the same. The train of clashing and combating melodies eventually reaches a harmonious finale, the gurgling cauldron of a song calmed to a simmer.

Poison & Wine magnifies space and time at its end, leaving everything seemingly still and silent in comparison. A vial of the heady and deadly.

(An album, compiling some of their best tunes, performed live at Eddie's Attic can be downloaded free from the link:

Single Of The Week : Icarus

Song: Icarus
Artist: The Staves featuring Keaton Henson

Ethereal with a touch of mystic revolving around the harmonising voices, a deep sense of longing echoes through the rustic, rich notes of the guitar. Rhythms calm and steady, lightly singing along with the voices exhibiting unique character.

Icarus. The man who flew too close to the sun, to eventually tumble down to his death. Luscious strums serenade the desirous syllables, contrasting with the higher pitches of the vocals that owns a deeper base, building towards a passionate chorus, both lively and mournful like summer's funeral.

"They're only words, don't have to shout to be heard."

The Staves, a trio, sisters who're best expressed as the midpoint between folk and rock pairs well with Henson, a more haunting, melodious one, giving Icarus layers and layers of finely melded sounds, ranging from a lullaby-like air to something startlingly rock-esque(albeit it being a rather faint undertone), allowing different lights to fall on both the Stavely-Taylor sisters and Henson.

And different lights creates a soothing kaleidoscope in colours of the merry, mourning fall, going well with the sombre mood when the mind feasts on nothing but dejected and hopeless dreams.

(Icarus can be downloaded free from the link:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Breathe Me - Sia

Song: Breathe Me
Artist: Sia
Album: Colour The Small One

Yearning spills off the minimalist-esque rhythm, achieving a melancholic state of need that matches the grey bits and pieces in one's head.

Sia's throaty vocals adds dimension to the tune, contrasting with the smooth, near-silent violins and constant light rhythm, the song gaining energy from the sombre air it delivers, swirling around like a new mood, weightless and feather-like, but powerful enough to influence a shift of mood.

Beginning with the ever-underestimated piano, gently crawling into louder and more garish states, Breathe Me leaves no space for Dreary or Boredom, ever shifting, morphing and changing into something more interesting, pauses inducing anticipation, coaxing the mind to follow the magnitudes exhaled by the music.

"Hurt myself again today. And the worse part is there's no one else to blame."

Sia crafts a spell inducing one to sink into the indulgence and bliss that lies within the whirlpool of self-pity in one's mind, then slowly coaxing one from the cocoon of comfort into something bigger, brighter with a touch of brilliance. Different, from the usual 'tough love' delivered in motivational-esque songs, this one slides smoothly into the system, altering it with care.

Worth a listen.

My Heart Is Refusing Me - Loreen

Song: My Heart Is Refusing Me
Artist: Loreen
Album: Healed

My Heart is Refusing Me has energy ricocheting off the notes as Loreen whispers them, straining chords beautifully melding into an eargasmic climax with catchy beats and rich tones.

This is the song one feels their sinoatrial node synching with, the song inspiring a thousand brilliant choreography, movements blurring one's eyes as sweat trickles, breaths torn away ragged, the body possessed with a rhythm that both morphs and drains energy. This song, will allow one to witness the birth of a beautiful dance tune.

"I've been crushed, beaten down."

The lyrics isn't something I'd like to scream about, them being simplistic and brash, hinting raw.'Tis the light touch of electric instrumentals and a hint of strings bring the song to another level, psyched with solid beats, pumping life, soul and energy through the tune. The Swedish beauty's amazing vocals, deep and luscious, sends electrifying syllables down one's ear, especially when she belts, deep into the core where the catchy tunes reign.

I'd love to hear this song in an empty room, blaring from the speakers, bouncing off the walls. Beauteous.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

Song: Landslide
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Album: Fleetwood Mac

A sentimental and timeless song about embracing or fighting against the tides of time itself. Powerful and engaging, it unleashes the artistic and raw emotions of bonds that embrace through the erosion of the progression of decades. It has a lovely sentiment to the heart due to the moments of peril and rife and also the visualisation of affection.

The earthy voice of Stevie Nicks adds to the colour and texture of the song, making you feel war and relaxed enough to just feel like settling down with a family. The choruses would flourish with renewed vigour after bouts of toned down volumes to add a welcomed variation to the songs. It doesn't try to be gaudy or pretentious; it is just tailored to suit the heart itself.

Strong and willful and yet sullen and downtrodden, this song displays the pinnacle of one's life as they try to comprehend the various emotions as the reflect through the different aspects of the journey they have been through and are still on. A tremendous work and a beacon of relativity to all those who have already formed strong connections, this song is intricate and is a beauty for all.

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